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Growth is complicated. We make it simple.

Our vision

We are a medical billing company and our vision is to reinstitute the small town doctor patient relationship where the doctors stay focused on taking care of their patients while we take care of their business through our simplified managed medical billing and coding services.

Tips for Leak-Proofing Revenue

Shore up your check-in process

Patient check-in is a critical point to your revenue cycle. If you’re not able to quickly pull up patient information, copays, and balances due at check-in, you’re going to be leaking cash all over the place. Here’s the source of the most common leaks:

  • Failing to verify patient information
  • Not knowing or having to search for the right co-pay amount
  • Not knowing if the patient has a balance due
  • Not checking patient insurance benefits
  • Failing to get authorizations before providing services
  • Not giving patients convenient payment options like online paying or credit card on file

Double check claims

Claims denials are responsible for lots of lost time and money. With the transition to ICD-10, it’s more important than ever to double check claims. Green Sense Billing gives you a perfect Medical Billing Solution to help you manage your entire claims process in one place. You’ll save money by streamlining and managing your claims better than ever before through our medical billing services.

Improve your collections

Collecting the money that you’re owed is the best way to close bad debt holes and capture lost revenue. Modern patient portal tools within Patient give you several money-saving solutions to improve your collections. The portal is integrated with our EHR and practice management for one seamless revenue-collecting solution. All that is required is a link from your practice website, an Internet connection, and authorization to access the patient portal.

About Us

Our team has decades of collective experience in managed billing services.  We are proud to deliver 95 percent acceptance of claims and we never stop fighting for unpaid claims until they have been resolved.


Our clients benefit from our technical medical billing methods while taking advantage of our referral bonus program.

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