10 latest lawsuits in healthcare

10 Recent Healthcare Lawsuits You Should Know

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Johns Hopkins All Children’s Civil Case

This case, highlighted by a Netflix documentary, involved Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. A judge ruled out juror misconduct during the trial, focusing on the hospital’s practices. The case drew significant public attention, underscoring the scrutiny hospitals face regarding patient care and legal accountability.

Maryland Physician Acquitted

A Maryland physician was acquitted in a fraud scheme involving over $15 million. The court found insufficient evidence that the physician abused ambiguous CPT codes for personal gain. This acquittal highlights the complexities of healthcare billing and the challenges in proving fraudulent intent.

Greenwich Hospital vs. Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission

Greenwich Hospital’s lawsuit against the town’s planning and zoning commission was dismissed. The hospital’s bid to develop a cancer care center was rejected, raising questions about local governance and healthcare expansion efforts.

Idaho Law Banning Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

A federal judge temporarily blocked an Idaho law that banned gender-affirming care for minors. This legal development is a critical juncture in the ongoing debate over healthcare rights and the legal protections for transgender individuals, especially minors.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Settlement

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital settled for $300,000 after allegations of using advertising tools that improperly shared personal information. This case underscores the importance of patient privacy and the scrutiny on how hospitals handle personal data.

ChristianaCare’s $47.1 Million Settlement

ChristianaCare agreed to a $47.1 million settlement to resolve allegations of kickbacks. The lawsuit, filed by the health system’s former chief compliance officer, sheds light on the legal and ethical standards governing hospital operations and financial practices.

Stone Academy Closure Lawsuit

Following the abrupt closure of Stone Academy, a for-profit nursing school in Connecticut, nine students filed a lawsuit against state officials. The case raises concerns about regulatory oversight and the impact of school closures on students’ education and career paths.

Ammon Bundy’s Arrest Warrant

A second arrest warrant was issued for Ammon Bundy amid his legal battle with St. Luke’s Health System. Bundy, a public figure known for his far-right views, skipped court, highlighting the intersection of healthcare, legal systems, and political activism.

UnitedHealth Group Lawsuit

An Iowa pharmacy filed a class-action lawsuit against UnitedHealth Group over “unconscionable” DIR fees. This case represents a significant challenge to pharmacy benefit management practices and their impact on pharmacies and patient care.

Cigna’s $37 Million Settlement

Cigna settled a healthcare fraud lawsuit for $37 million for submitting false diagnosis codes to inflate Medicare Advantage payments. This settlement addresses the accuracy and integrity of billing practices in Medicare Advantage programs, emphasizing the legal and financial responsibilities of healthcare providers.

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