Affordable Medical Billing Services

Affordable Medical Billing Services at GreenSense Billing

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Imagine having a full network of Medical Billing and Coding Services that allows you to turn your medical practice into an exciting experience where you can treat  your patients faithfully and get paid without any hassle. Get to know one of the best teams of professional consultants in medical billing and coding who have decades of experience with the best EHR systems worldwide.

As partners with some of the world’s renowned medical billing software companies, we deliver efficient and affordable medical billing services with a custom made platform for all your medical claim processing and revenue cycle management needs.

customized medical billing services

GreenSense Billing gives you the ability to improve your success in health care by getting your medical bills paid on time and maintaining your profits with  medical billing services that are affordable and customized to fit your needs.  You focus on your patients and GreenSense Billing will do the rest. GreenSense Billing is the solution for all your medical billing services.  With a user-friendly medical billing portal and patient integrated software, you can handle your entire medical billing practice, patient appointments, scheduling, coding, filing, claim submissions,  billing disputes, financial reporting and monitoring, and much more.

Services at GreenSense Billing

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Practice Management

The top practice management software platform for all your medical billing requirements at your disposal. Our practice management consists of options such as front office, billing tools, reporting mechanism,  claim filing submission and resolution, revenue cycle management, 24/7 technical assistance, a complete package of management controls, reports, analysis, and analytics. GreenSense Billing will also  increase your productivity level.



Affordable Medical Billing Services -EHR Software Tool

EHR Software Tool

Smart EHR software (top billing services ehr)tools to lift your health care standards and streamline all your accounting activities with automation and productivity. The software tool consists of features such as patient cards, task donuts, patient rooming, patient tools, customizable templates, telemedicine, e-Prescribing, EPCS, mobile EHR iOS app,  cloud EHR software and data, facsimile, informed clinical decision support, multi-specialty support, patient messages, dashboard for physician, CQM reporting, MARCA and MIPS, meaningful use and check the high-priority box.


Affordable Medical Billing Services - Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Our sensational patient portal will allow you to stay informed and linked to your patient at all times while accessing the data in real-time. It makes sure that the patient’s experience is top-notch, along with ensuring faster functions, faster resolutions, and automating administrative tasks.




Affordable Medical Billing Services - Managed Billing Services

Managed Billing Services

One of the major and extremely affordable medical billing services at GreenSense Billing is managed billing services. Our streamlined revenue cycle management systems are a simple way to submit your bills for all your medical services  without delay. Outsourcing your medical billing with added benefits of care and no hassle with our highly specialized technical teams, partnership with modern management software, and convenient processes along with software tools to help you every step of the way.

Easy User Interface Dashboard

Smart dashboards with simple navigation tools assist you to track and evaluate all of your billing and revenue generation development. With our smart dashboard, you can conveniently prioritize your tasks by urgency.  You may also delay a task or simply use the dashboard to keep you on track and complete tasks quicker. You can also get a picture of a consolidated schedule, along with alerts, and reminders.

Patient Engagement Tool

Remain connected and communicate with all of your patients through your patient engagement tool. It encompasses features such as telemedicine, reputation management, patient portal, patients’ reports, patient kiosk, patient consent forms, and EHR integration.

Affordable Medical Billing Services - Paitent Engagement Tool
Affordable Medical Billing Services - Financial Data Analytics

Financial Data Analytics

For financial statistics, you can now use real-time data analytics to see how well you are doing and monitor your generated revenue.





Affordable Medical Billing Services - Paitent Cards

Patient Cards

You can easily provide a more secure way to handle or exchange patient data with special electronic cards.




Affordable Medical Billing Services - Reminder Alerts

Reminder Alerts

You can also set reminders to simplifying workload activities, or remind you of important meetings or deadlines you need to keep.  This service also includes patient appointment date alerts, as well as patient appointment confirmations, cancellation of payments, patients’ reports,  and automatic callback reminders.



Reputation Management

Manage the reputation and integrity of your medical practice online with our management of reputation tool, that allows  you apply and gather patient feedback via survey to build on your reputation for goodwill and professional performance.

Affordable Medical Billing Services - Reputation Management
Affordable Medical Billing Services - ePrescribing


With our EHR software tool, you can administer medications safer and more efficiently. All while  evaluating, updating, and keeping track of all your patient records, medical history, and treatment plans. Our modern EHR software tool consists of  medication prices, online retail mail, history, link to pharmacy, module plans, and medication information lists.


Affordable Medical Billing Services - Telemedicine


With reduced prices, you can please your patients with telemedicine and comprehensive treatment coverage. Our telemedicine software features a user-friendly dashboard overview, conference integrated interface, and EHR one-click scheduling.



The Experts of Medical Billing Services-GreenSense Billing

With GreenSense Billing, you will have the luxury of remaining connected from anywhere in the world and having access to all your medical details including patient visits, patient care plans, reports, scheduling alerts, etc.

With the best software from top tier tech firms, you can get tailored medical billing tools for patient care, monitoring, scheduling appointments, and revenue cycle management.

All your medical billing and coding will easily synchronize to provide you with detailed information and data analytics on all your medical revenue, patient information, and billing processes. All the processes are automated to provide reliable and 100% error-free real-time information.

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