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Your Most Reliable and Trusted Solution in
Medical Billing and Coding Services
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GreenSense Integrated Medical Billing Clearing House

GreenSense Billing Clearinghouse is without a doubt the fastest way to submit claims and receive payments through an automated integrated medical billing clearinghouse. It connects with over 1,800 carriers and eliminates all the bottlenecks. With precision, automation, convenience, simplicity and integration; you can start off with a better clearinghouse for your claim resolution.

Claim Processing and Resolution

Each claim request is reviewed according to the specific rules, regulations and policies. It is further reviewed for identification and patient policy, and verified for precise and accurate coding.

Clearinghouse Claim Processing and Resolution Services
Clearinghouse Insurance Eligibility Verification

Insurance Review and Eligibility

Co-pays, deductions and all coverage requests are automatically verified before each visit. Our on-demand verification software tools allow on-site verifications in one-go. No more waiting for longer time periods.

ERA Processing Management

You can now save time with our GreenSense Billing automated ERA publishing (for both receiving and posting). You can also automatically generate worklists to manage denials and short payments.

Medical Billing ERA claims processing Services - EHR
Faster Processing of Claims and Quicker Reimbursements!

Sign-up with GreenSense Billing to help you get paid instantly. With GreenSense Billing, You can easily turn your boring, exhausting and tiresome manual claim processing into an integrated automated process to generate and process claims easier and on-the-go.

Our medical billing clearinghouse feature lets you save and post charges, claims are resolved in a matter of seconds. You can submit claims immediately from a single portal and track them in our carrier networks by using the integrated claim adjudication log. You can have hundreds of payers, now that you have a single platform to submit charges any payor electronically.

Improve your Financial Performance with all the support you need!

GreenSense Billing clearinghouse software tool is designed perfectly to maximize your revenues. Our billing software also includes an integrated A/R management control center, centralized billing, integrated payment processing and much more.

You can increase your revenue generation with GreenSense Billing Practice Management system as it integrates medical billing into our state-of-the-art clinical and patient engagement systems. This powerful medical software platform helps you to manage your entire practice in a single database. It is definitely your best choice for a very successful practice.


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