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Common In-house Medical Billing Problems which can be Solved by Outsourcing Medical Billing Solutions

One of the biggest challenges for every healthcare professional or hospital administrator is to create an efficient and affordable medical billing team. Whether you are a physician, a doctor or a private clinic owner, you would know that it is not easy to set up, maintain and cut down costs for your in-house medical billing. Here are some of

the most common in-house medical billing problems that most health professionals face.

Medical Billing Problems

Find the Right Billers and Coders to do the Job

One of the biggest problems in setting up your medical billing is finding the right resources for the job. While this generally depends on the location of a healthcare provider, it is still difficult to find the right talent resources to do medical billing and coding proficiently. It is also necessary to pay them adequately as most of them demand a lucrative package.

By outsourcing your medical billing, you can eliminate the whole hiring and selection process, which can save your time, money and get you the best-specialized talent resources to do your medical billing and coding at the right price.


 HIPAA Compliance

Many health professionals use a wide range of digital software and clearinghouse tools that do not comply with HIPAA. These may include email platforms, chatbots, document archiving applications, medical billing software, credentialing and insurance identification software, etc. This can turn out to be a big problem if it is audited and detected, you can face severe penalties for not meeting the HIPAA quality standards. This can lead to financial or legal consequences.

Many outsourcing companies such as GreenSense Billing have reliable accreditation and consider HIPAA compliance a serious concern. This is why GreenSense Billing has taken all HIPAA regulations and policies into account while providing medical billing and coding services in the US. All of our medical billing software handles and protects patient sensitive medical information, as it is important for us to comply with all HIPAA regulations.

Not Using Reliable or Outdated Medical Billing Software

Using cheap, defective and poorly supported medical billing software tools would do more harm than good for your medical billing. This can also lead to technical problems for many healthcare professionals, as then many providers would have to use outdated software as well that does not fully support medical billing tasks. Many healthcare professionals simply do not have the relevant technical or expert knowledge of using medical billing software.

Many in-house medical billing software and tools do not fill the billing or insurance requirements. Long-term contracts with untested medical billing software should also be avoided at best. By outsourcing your medical billing services from an experienced and professional company can be very useful. As they have in-depth knowledge and expertise to use popular medical billing software applications that are based on the practice size and volume. With their years of professional experience in the healthcare industry, they will get you paid faster and conveniently than expected.

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