A Message from CEO

To our valued clients and partners,

It is widely known that the Centers for Disease and Prevention and the World Health Organization have declared the new virus COVID-19 a pandemic event.

GreenSense Billing is actively monitoring developments related to this matter, and is prepared to address the impact these effects may have on our business operations.

Our business continuity plans follow industry best practices to support and maintain operations in a state of emergency, including pandemic events. Those plans have, and continue to be, actively reviewed by independent third party auditors to verify appropriate business controls are present in order to mitigate business disruptions. Additionally, we are actively working with key vendors and business partners to help ensure our operations are uninterrupted.

As the country continues to adapt to this situation, please know that our priority is to provide a superior client experience, while adequately protecting the health and safety of our team. In the unlikely event of our offices closing, we are confident in our ability to seamlessly maintain operations. Our teams in California and Minnesota are fully equipped to securely and productively work remotely, and should the state of California advise of any mailing procedural changes that may affect our print & mail facility, we have a number of options available to mitigate the impact on those processes..

  • All GreenSense Billing applications are up and running as usual. Fortunately, we are a cloud solution provider with multiple redundancies built into our systems.
  • Customer support is available as always during our normal business hours, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Pacific Time. Our amazing customer service team members are located in several locations around the world and, should the need arise, our entire team is easily able to work remotely.

We are committed to ongoing communication to maintain confidence in your partnership with our firm, and welcome you to contact our leadership team with questions or concerns.

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