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State-of-the-Art ePrescribing Software

The Best Way to Prescribe Medicines to Your Patients with GreenSense Billing.

An intuitive electronic prescription tool that you have been looking for. With GreenSense Billing, you would have a HIPAA-compliant ePrescribing tool, which would turn your paper notebook pads into digital data records, which can be accessed anywhere anytime you want.

ePrescribing Services - EHR Integrated Medical Billing Services

A safe way to prescribe and track controlled substances. You can easily, conveniently generate and sign medical prescriptions and then send them directly to the pharmacies.

Transparency of Medication Prices

Prescribers have access to specific patient information based on their forms and benefits. This tool benefits patients and providers with greater efficiency, reduced costs and increased compliance.

Online Retail Mail

With the help of medication price transparency (MPR), you can find the right medications for all type budgets. It helps patients with medication compliance.
With the help of medication


You can also obtain an accurate image before ePrescribing. Import and examine the medication history to see the patient’s prescriptions throughout an ongoing care.

Mobile Access

You cannot usually be in the office all day long, with your personal needs to be on the go, you can easily manage prescription requests with GreenSense Billing application.

Link to the Pharmacy

Connect each patient to their favorite pharmacy with just one click. You can easily search for pharmacies for their type of medicine or prescription, including retailers and mail order.

Medication Information Lists

See the complete list of allergies and present medications for each patient. You will also see data on the previous prescribed medication deliveries and discontinuations of previous medications.

Module Plans

Your module plans are automatically updated and displayed with co-payment information. Alternative suggestions are shown when a payer does not cover the original brand name medication.

How can the ePrescribing improve your care model?

ePrescribing is not just a way to write prescriptions. It is a way to capture and access data that really makes it convenient for your patients. The more you know, the better you treat.

Because quality treatment is at the core of your practice.

ePrescribing is not just about saving time, but also security and safety. Access to patient data in health-care helps to identify possible drug contraventions, evaluate the effectiveness of previous medications and ensure that the patient is not allergic to prescribed medications.

The transparency of drug prices improves patient compliance.

MPT is a function that allows doctors to see the price of prescription drugs and information about therapeutic alternatives in real time on GreenSense Billing EHR. MPT improves prescription for patients by providing doctors with accurate information about prescription rates and treatment alternatives. This tool is beneficial for patients and providers with greater efficiency, lower costs and greater compliance.

How many manual and outdated processes do you retain?

The electronic prescription is part of the GreenSense Billing EHR software, which improves clinical results with customizable templates, vaccination reports, population health management tools and more.  You don’t need to go through all this hassle with Insurance cards, when EHR software can capture, inform and display trends for you.


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