Medical Financial Solutions for Healthcare Providers

GreenSense can help you maintain a stable monthly cash flow, so you don't have to worry about financial issues getting in the way of your ability to provide excellent care for your patients.

Why Choose Us for Financial Solution Services?

As a healthcare financial solutions company, Greensense Billing is dedicated to helping healthcare practices improve their financial management and increase revenue. We offer various services, including electronic claims submission, patient billing, payment options, and financial reporting. Our advanced technology helps practices reduce administrative burdens and increase efficiency, allowing providers to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

Greensense Billing also has a team of expert advisors available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. Whether a practice is looking to streamline its billing process, improve cash flow, or increase profitability, Greensense Billing has the tools and expertise to help.

Healthcare Finance
Questions you need to ask yourselves:

Has your Accounts Receivables Aging gone up in last 120 days?

Are you looking for social media solutions to increase your business?

Is your Collection Rate the same as last quarter or last year?

Have your Denial Rate gone up due to incorrect codes being used?

Are monthly cash flows adequate to support timely payments?

Steps in Financial Solutions


Practice Financial Analysis



Pre-approved Financing


Pricing Tag

Optimize Billing and Coding Processes



Ongoing Support


Customized Revenue Cycle Management Program

We will customize a revenue cycle management program to provide you with medical financial solutions specifically for your healthcare practice and provide stability to monthly cash flows as well as support any expansion plans with our interest-free term loans.

Let us manage the uncertainty during these challenging times!


Start generating more revenue from your collections and minimize your overhead costs.