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GreenSense Financial Solutions

During these uncertain times, GreenSense is excited to announce its holistic Revenue Cycle Management solution for medical practitioners, which includes Pre-Funding of your monthly charges PLUS Interest Free Loan to support any expansion plans.

It is quite simple – GreenSense will provide stability to your monthly cash flows while you focus on your patients.  During these unpredictable times, a steady cash flow is critical to ensure your medical practice is running smoothly and payments are made on time.  When staff members are stretched to the limit, problems may go on undetected within your Revenue Cycle Management processes.

Questions you need to ask yourselves:

  • Has your Accounts Receivables Aging gone up in last 120 days?
  • Is your Collection Rate the same as last quarter or last year?
  • Have your Denial Rate gone up due to incorrect codes being used?
  • Are monthly cash flows adequate to support timely payments?

It is very simple! Here is how it works:

Step 1: Practice Financial Analysis

• Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your current billing and coding processes.

• Provide a detailed report using certified analytical tools to highlight results and areas of improvement.

Step 3: Optimize Billing and Coding processes

• GreenSense will manage your billing and coding services to ensure we optimize your collection and minimize denial rates.

• We will work with your preferred technology partners (EHR and PM software) to minimize disruption to staff. We are already certified with most EHR systems.

Step 2: Pre-approved Financing

• Approve you for our Pre-Funding services on your monthly charges to stabilize cash flows.

• In addition, we can approve Interest Free term loan(s) for any expansions or equipment purchases for your clinic or hospital.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

• GreenSense will continue to work with you to ensure your Revenue Cycle Management processes are maintained at optimum levels.

• We provide other services, such as, Virtual Assistance, Credentialing, Website enhancements, and other Social Media solutions to assist your medical practice.

GreenSense’ Holistic Revenue Cycle Management Program

We will customize a revenue cycle management program specifically for your medical practice and provide stability to monthly Cash Flows as well as support any expansion plans with our Interest-Free term loans.

Let us manage the uncertainty during these challenging times!


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