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GreenSense Billing Home Based Medical Billing Service Software

GreenSense Billing prides itself in offering state-of-the-art practice management software solutions catering to hospitals, doctors and paramedics. With our electronic patient management system, you get effective audit reports, real-time analytics, financial reporting, claim submission tracking, eligibility verification services and much more. Always keeping you one step ahead of your medical billing and revenue cycle management needs.

Home Based Medical Billing Service

The ability to independently run your practice through a home-based medical billing software is both convenient and a lucrative investment for providers today. As it gives more autonomy to providers by supporting the submission of electronic billing statements through an integrated electronic patient management system increasing profitability. It does require more discipline to partake in a billing and coding home business venture. It has gained popularity due to online training options and the technological advancement of sophisticated billing software. Considering the recent economic upheaval, many providers would be looking to acquire seasoned medical billing claims management software services.

The history of electronic health record systems goes back to the early 90s. Complex health charts, treatment plans, diagnostic information and immunization details were all piled up as paperwork. The Electronic Health Record system gave doctors and patients worldwide access to healthcare information across multi-dimensional platforms, through the flexibility of usage and innovation. The advantages of Electronic Medical Records provided by an electronic health record system are time saving, easy access to patient information, automated workflows and the room for customization tailored to your unique needs. With the advent of numerous medical billing software’s availability in the market today, there is awareness about them.

Medical practitioners have the freedom to choose from a wide catalog of medical billing software features and pricing structures at their disposal.

GreenSense Medical Billing Software Features

Billing Information Analytics

With over 20 years’ experience in medical billing services, GreenSense Billing has patented software that helps scrutinize billing information. With mobile and web application compatibility, we keep accurate assessment and monitoring of your revenue cycle management. Our 100% transparent Smart Billing Data Analytics software garners a personalized billing experience for all providers, no matter their specialty.

Practice Management Software

GreenSense Billing software is a top-ranked cloud-based Practice Management Software (PMS). It can also be labeled as a Medical Information System (MIS), or Hospital Information System (HIS). Practice Management Software is a fundamental part of medical practices today. We have divers and elegantly designed features like EHR, E-prescribing, insurance eligibility, office inventory management, patient portal, physician scheduling, HIPAA compliance and E-Claims management. All of these features were designed to help you run your practice smoothly and effortlessly.

Unparalleled Financial Reporting Forecasts

At GreenSense Billing our reporting software helps you measure up to industry standards by updating you on your financial progress. Giving your practice a prognostic analysis of trends and patterns to overcome A/R challenges and increase profit margins closes the gap between expenses and revenues. This can be achieved through our customizable financial reporting services. It helps your practice expand its operations while we minimize the chances of revenue leakage.

Timely Claims Management Service

While submitting electronic insurance claims, there is a growing need to get more done in lesser time. We help facilitate you by fast-tracking your claim process through our ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) publishing, while reducing claim denials and tracking them efficiently. Our world-class claims management processes are HIPAA compliant and following the ICD -10 coding practices. Be it claims submission, patient invoicing, claim denial or quicker reimbursements we ensure you get paid on time.

Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

It’s becoming more and more convenient for providers to manage their medical business through a seamlessly integrated Medical Scheduling Software which allows them to efficiently juggle the dynamics of an increase in patients through technological automation that specifically caters to your daily workflow. Tracking appointments on a priority basis to fit your needs through set parameters while you are on the go. Our uniquely automated reminders provide your patients with greater appointment vigilance beforehand. It helps significantly decrease the probability of any late arrivals or missed appointments. We enhance the patient experience helping you focus on optimum care. Helping practices increase their profitability and time management through the use of this amazing feature.

Medical Claims Tracking and Resolution Option

The laborious process of submitting claims to insurances and waiting out on reimbursements is the number one challenge for providers. We at GreenSense Billing avidly follow through on denied claims by providing you with a claim’s adjudication log. This allows you to get access to our clinical and patient engagement system. Through the use of a single click you can track all your claims. We ensure absolute precision in monitoring A/R, time-lapses in claim underpayments and prioritizing claim denials. Our claims inspector feature gives you error-free claim submission that is in adherence to HIPAA guidelines

Ultra-Efficient Dashboard

Our smart dashboard is an innovative tool that is symbolic of business intelligence and productivity. With an ultra-efficient workflow monitoring interface providers can view all daily tasks in a fraction of seconds. It serves to be a visual itinerary of a consolidated view for all your priority tasks. A quick glimpse at major pending tasks helps manage all clinical work with greater ease and promptness. With to-do lists that help you micromanage your daily routine. Task donuts are prioritized to finish your tasks with just a few clicks. Green Sense Billing is serving providers through a graphic library for all clinical work automation at their fingertips.

 Clearing House Services Software Tool

Our Clearinghouse software is impactful, cost-effective, reliable and systematically error-free.  Our Clearinghouse services provides insurance eligibility verification, claims rejection analytics, claim status reports and real-time support round the clock. Our main goal is to minimize time-consuming processing errors. Another key component is an integrated A/R management control center that supports centralized billing.

Impeccable EHR Software

GreenSense Billing’s EHR software is customizable and fully integrated cloud-based premier software. We give a multi-specialty support solution that has automated backup and off storage options. It gives you intuitive workflow automation, real-time information, field mapping, IOS mobile app accessibility, maximum patient engagement, revenue cycle management, and the highest profitability by increasing patient retention. Our EHR software provides efficacy, patient-centeredness, seamless communication, efficiency, and high-end solutions to all your practice management requirements all in one place. We are experts in healthcare billing for medical offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, and ambulatory care centers.

GreenSense Billing is a trusted dynamic, highly advanced, efficient and cost-effective medical billing services provider. We have automated seamless workflows, intelligent data analytics, integrated multi-functional mechanisms, fastest revenue cycle management process, and accurate claims processing.  Our EHR covers all verticals of the best practice management solutions for modern-day health care.

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