Key Features of Medical Billing Software Services

Key Features of Medical Billing Software Services in 2021

The ease of handling medical bills via a home-based medical billing software helps manage patient’s history, treatment, testing, and procedures, making it possible to efficiently accomplish large amounts of patient claims for a practitioner, and hospital in this electronically growing medium. History suggests it was difficult to handle medical billing, which was carried out on paper this was difficult to manage and required a great deal of space.

medical billing software services

Medical billing software services have overturned this hurdle and smoothly carry out medical billing cycle processes, which used to involve several days to months to locate and verify the correct  insurance carrier to submit claims for medical treatment. The bond that brings together a health care provider and the insurance company is simply that of a customer to a contractor. Health care providers are tied with contracts that connect them to insurance companies to provide health care services. The collaboration starts with a visit to the office while a physician, or their staff begin the paperwork of creating or updating a patient’s medical record.

The key features of medical billing software services are:

Key Features of Medical Billing Software Services

Automated Record Keeping

This service provided by the software includes individual record management via the digitalized library, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the records provided are on a safe and secure platform that assists in securing data without risk.

Error Free Zone

With medical billing being an error-free service, the main idea is to eliminate all time-consuming errors. This service works by collecting data from the patient, which later is verified with the respective authorities. Furthermore, this information is proceeded accordingly to the directed health care plans within the medical claim timeline.

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Verified Billing Solution

In the last two decades within medical billing services, GreenSense Billing has coined a software that assists with scrutinizing billing information. With the software being compatible with mobile and web, it keeps precise valuation and monitors the entire Revenue cycle management process. Bringing a 100% clear and transparent Smart Billing Data Analytics software reaps a personalized billing experience for all of our respective providers, regardless of their specialty.

Organized Management Services

This particular service creates  tasks such as scheduling appointments. You can also prioritize your daily or weekly tasks according to urgency. With the software of practice management section of the software stores the patients data, such as their names, insurance coverage, demographics, and contact information, allowing you to access it in the future.

Claim Service Management

Following a busy lifestyle makes it crucial for any individual to carry out a medical billing process independently. Here the software services effortlessly resolve the targeted treatment plan within the directed insurance timeline, thus benefiting the patient, health service provider, and insurance companies by grabbing on to the timeline for claim management through ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) publishing. It helps reduce denials and offers efficient tracking. We are HIPAA compliant.

Patient Scheduling Software Service

Patient appointment scheduling is a hectic job. To avoid lengthy waiting hours, GreenSense Billing manages patient records. This feature efficiently manages the patients care based on provided history and records.

Medical Claims Tracking and Resolution Option

The medical claims and resolution make tasks easier in a busy schedule that saves time and makes things easier to manage. Tracking medical claims is highly essential to proceed promptly.

Wide Platform Coverage

Up-to-date information, field mapping, IOS mobile app accessibility, revenue cycle management, and the highest profitability increase patient retention. We have an effective team working over a vast area, including hospitals, i.e., inpatient and outpatient clinics, laboratories,  and senior care homes.

Outstanding Medical Billing Services

Medical billing services help in tackling biasedness. History shows that while treating and planning for a patient, a practitioner will give more time and attention to their on-hand job rather than looking into the best possible treatment plan. Medical billing service is very efficient in handling information as it saves a great deal of space by paperless record management and taking the over burdensome task away from the provider.

Medical Billing Service keeps the data secure. Furthermore, it provides monthly detailed reports. Our revolutionary medical billing software is continuously improving technology and services to go handin hand with the ever-changing times, which leads to impeccable productivity. With a medical billing service taking care of all of your revenue cycle management needs,  the respective practitioner can stay entirely focused on providing the best possible health care services.

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