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Medical Billing and Coding during Covid-19 Pandemic

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While the nation seeks to tackle the pandemic in public health that comes with COVID-19, telehealth provides an outstanding avenue for medical care services worldwide. Telemedicine – used by physicians to treat patients with and without the coronavirus – can shield high-risk patients, health care staff, and the whole population from virus transmission.

Medical Billing and Coding during Covid

We are currently in a complete state of emergency, we have now lifted several telehealth restrictions. Patients can see doctors from home, and it’s also possible to use non-HIPAA compliant technologies to expand telemedicine usage more rapidly on a wide scale. The dramatic improvement in telemedicine systems was challenging, particularly with regular adjustments in the billing criteria for visits and newly issued codes for facilities on coronavirus.

Telehealth Policy Modifications After the COVID-19 pandemic

Telehealth recommendations have started to adjust at regular intervals over the last few weeks. During this pandemic, many of the Medicare prohibitions on telehealth facilities usage have now been removed. Which are only a handful of the immediate changes:

CPT Code for Swab Collection

CPT Code for nasopharyngeal swab collection Medicare will pay practitioners for audio-only conference calls, and accessible telehealth coverage has grown significantly, which now covers access to emergency rooms. As of March 1, 2020, and going during this public health issue. Medicare must pay doctors for telemedicine services at the same rate as conventional in-person appointments, whether or not the treatment is COVID-19 related. Here are some of its key points:

cpt code for nasopharyngeal swab collection

  • Medical screening examinations (MSEs) will now be carried out through telehealth visits.
  • Now telehealth facilities may be used by both new and existing patients.
  • The cost-sharing of telemedicine services be suspended or reduced.
  • Health doctors are also permitted to deliver telehealth services to patients from their own homes.
  • Established patient interactions are no longer a prerequisite for the delivery of telehealth services.
  • Telehealth providers are also providing versatility, and non-HIPPA-compliant apps such as Skype or FaceTime can be used during this pandemic.

Introduction of New Codes Coming into Play

In coping with the COVID-19 situation, many medical practices are also getting accustomed to using telemedicine services codes. Moreover, new protocols for handling COVID-19 are being implemented along the way. New codes have been increasingly adopted in recent weeks, and it is often impossible for procedures to keep up with the introduction of unknown telemedicine codes

Which coronavirus code should be used and when? You’re already fighting a pandemic, outsourcing your billing and coding will help you focus on your patients, while we focus on your coding and billing for you. A quality medical billing and coding company will be well-versed in all the latest changes, ensuring that coding is dealt with correctly to ensure you get paid for the services you provide during the coronavirus outbreak.

Ensure Unimportant Personnel Keep Aways from the Workplace

Although social distancing these days leaves many employees working from.  You may need to have a handful of employees  on-site to use office-based tools to manage the office’s billing and coding needs. Having as many employees as possible at home is essential to combat the spread of the coronavirus right now, and outsourcing your billing and coding will be an ideal way for you to get non-necessary staff out of the workplace while ensuring your billing and coding is successfully maintained to continue to generate revenue during this crisis.

Unimportant Personnel Keep Aways from the Workplace

Emphasis on Patients when Hosting Health Care in a Digital World

Patient care is changing right now, and many practices are now taking care of patients via telehealth visits rather than offering in-office care. Here are a few suggestions recommended by the American Medical Association for a healthy protocol during a telehealth visit include:

Ensure you have a secure atmosphere that protects the dignity of patients. Having the right tools for note-taking with a recorder, video cam, high-speed internet, headphones, and dual screens (EHR documentation) and wearing a formal suit, precisely as you should.

Outsourcing your Medical Billing Services to the Experts

While you’re a professional at dealing with your patients, having calls to patients in a simulated world is slightly different. You must have the time available to concentrate on your patients so that you can care for them properly during the coronavirus epidemic. By outsourcing your billing you can concentrate more on your patients  and turn your office into a telehealth service facility. The whole world has changed over the last six months, and along with that, the way treatment is delivered has also changed.

GreenSense Billing is proud to help multi-specialty facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and other home-based doctors searching for the right solutions for medical billing. Our innovative telemedicine software and our practice management software are highly common with our customers.

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