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The Perfect Medical Billing Software from Top Medical Billing Software Companies,
to optimize your practice income.

GreenSense Billing software, fully integrated and combined with financial planning, claim management and reporting mechanisms, makes your practice more simplified and easier that you could have ever imagined.

Claim Management Process

Claim management with a centralized platform would allow you to manage your entire claim management process in one place, from the submission of claims to filing and claim resolution.


It is not always necessary to upload claims or download payments. Save time and money with our fully integrated clearinghouse.

Medical Payments

Online medical payment solution allows you to convert pending medical payments and helps you with A/R management.

Discover all the integrated features and functionality of our medical billing software.

Analysis, Analytics and Reports

Take control of your financial performance and progress through easy reporting and analytical tools.
Take control of your financial performance and

A / R Management

A/R Management platform simply generates your practice income with easily customizable worklists and denial management. It allows you to collect more revenue much faster and quicker than expected.


GreenSense Billing software is fully integrated with scheduling tools with front office that makes your practice smooth and streamlines your day from start to finish.

Medical Billing hosted through Cloud

Cloud hosted medical billing would allow more accessibility with less equipment. It also protects your data and saves you IT costs and equipment.

Centralized Medical Billing

GreenSense Billing provides centralized medical billing which optimizes performance. We manage your medical billing of each provider and location in a unique single database.

EHR Integration

With EHR integration, you can automate your claims, data and co-pay charges, so that you don’t have to manually process data or duplicate entries.

Claim Inspector

Claim Inspector automates and removes your claims for CCI, HIPAA and LCD errors, which gives you an acceptance rate of up to 99% of initial claims.

Medical Data Conversion

Our team of data experts can easily manage and handle data migration, configurations from your previous systems.

eEligibility Authorization

eEligibility would review any patient’s insurance eligibility before scheduling any medical appointments or perform on-demand review checks with a single click.


GreenSense Billing’s ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) saves you time with automated processing. It manages denials and any payment discrepancies.

At GreenSense Billing, we make your medical billing much easier, simplified
and fun to use to adopt for lifetime

Accessibility, Controls & Claim Resolutions! All with a More Simplified Medical Billing Solution – GreenSense Billing

GreenSense Billing has partnered with world’s leading EHR Providers to offer all-in-one medical billing software solution. GreenSense Billing provides all the necessary tools so that you can easily manage all your medical claims in one place and ensure that the patient billing process always runs efficiently.

Our reliable clearinghouse automates manual processes and efficiently improves workflow through automated work lists. It monitors the status of claims for multiple providers and locations.

Medical Billing Software


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