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GreenSense Patient Kiosk Software

Create a quicker and more comfortable patient experience with our patient kiosk. Shorter waiting times and convenient registration solutions that allow you to define what you want.

Patient Kiosk Software Why do you need?

It adapts into your practice instead of adapting to its characteristics. It is the simple and customizable patient kiosk software which you are looking for. Less hassle – more convenience!

Solutions for Patients and Staff

Avoid unnecessary steps and create easier and faster processes for patients and employees. Features such as online consent and automatic appointment reminders, not only to provide more comfortable experience for the patient, but also reduce the administrative burden of staff. Why give them more to do when the patient dashboard software can do the job. This is the easiest way to speed up everyday life for everyone.

Faster Archiving, Shorter Waiting Times

Slow registration processes and long waiting times are two of the main complaints of patients. The GreenSense Billing Patient Kiosk solves these two problems. If a patient arrives at your office without completing the forms, your desk staff can issue an iPad and ask them to complete the admission and consent forms before consulting their doctor. These modules are automatically loaded electronically in the patient record; No analysis is required. In addition, patients can confirm or update their personal information. The results are quicker, faster, easier and paperless process that reduce waiting time and eliminates confusion.

It Is Personalized and Integrated

We help you to follow your path. The experience with the Patient Kiosk can be simplified by customizing templates based on skills, attribution preferences and employee workflows. The benefits do not end here: the patient’s kiosk can be integrated directly into the EHR. Patient data is automatically updated every time you register, knowing that you can spend your time better than entering data.

iPad Kiosk

Patients can quickly and conveniently complete forms on an iPad at your office with just a simple touch, you can easily update demographics, complete a form or sign it.

Consent Medical forms

Go Green. Patients can complete consent forms and update their personal information online before visiting the office. Registration is faster and data entry is free.

Management Kiosk

The administrative kiosk works in harmony with patient kiosks. Employees can assign admission forms, update patient information and scan driver’s licenses and insurance cards.

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