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Practice Management Software for Your Medical Billing Solutions

Our Practice Management Solution for Medical Billing is exactly what you have been looking for – It’s the perfect combination of billing services and EHR.
Quick Front Office

Automated scheduling with easy front office tools in just a few clicks. No complicated procedures or processes to get access to your patient information, data and scheduling conflicts.

Billing Tools

Get access and use all your billing tools for claim submissions, collections or to analyze your billing data. Make your medical practice more proactive, productive and perfect.

Reporting Mechanism

It’s now quick and easy to analyze and track all your financials and revenue progress with our all-in-one and easy-to-use reporting software. It gives complete transparency and reporting mechanism which enables you to take control of all your revenue and financial information.

More Practice, Less Stress

GreenSense Billing gives you the opportunity to make your medical billing more simplified, personalized and less stressful. With our easy medical billing features and A/R management, you can keep track of all your financial progress, claims filing, submission and automated clearinghouse. Make your medical billing more fun and easy to use and adopt for lifetime.

Claims Filing, Submission and Resolution

Our Claims Management System allows you to submit and manage all your medical claims in one place and easily submit all relevant information error free.

Revenue Cycle Management

Outsource all your medical billing, coding, claims submissions and resolutions to us and gain the advantage of increasing your revenues.

24/7 Technical Support

Our Managed Billing Specialists are always available round the clock to help you with any query, our team comprises of experts that do their best to identify, troubleshoot and provide resolutions to time pressing matters.

Complete Suit of Management Controls

Our complete set of automated management controls would allow you to take some load off from tiring tasks such as claim submission, denial processing & payment posting.

Increase your Practice Productivity with GreenSense Medical Billing

Extremely accurate reports, 100% error free claim filing, EHR integration with every medical billing aspect and sales support to help you manage your practice more efficiently.

Reports, Analysis and Analytics

Our reporting platform provides timely and meaningful financial data and analysis, as well as personalized medical billing reports which optimizes your financial progress and are easy to interpret.


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