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Provide Unlimited Care with GreenSense Billing Telemedicine software. GreenSense Billing Telemedicine software would help you manage more and more patients without taking in more expenses.

Discover the features of telemedicine software

User-friendly Dashboard Overview

See all telemedicine appointments on a single dashboard. Start or stop any virtual health session with one click. It is as simple as that.

EHR One-click Scheduling

With GreenSense Billing EHR, you can schedule an appointment for telemedicine immediately; get instant notifications when patient arrives to start the session.

Conference Integrated Interface

You can always provide quality care and support. The video phone conversations done in person gives as good an attention that the patients get in physical appointment.

Provide Unlimited Care with GreenSense Billing Telemedicine software

With our GreenSense Billing telemedicine software, you can develop your practice economically and improve your healthcare model without causing much effort.

Patients receive personalized face time without the travel time.

Do not allow geography to affect the quality of medical care. Our telemedicine platform is the practical and economical solution for the elderly or rural patients. Our virtual conference technology helps you to consult patients who have difficulty traveling or are far away from practice sites.

Medical Billing Telemedicine FaceTime
Medical Billing Integration of Healthcare with Technology Services Telemedicine

GreenSense Billing offers the perfect integration of technology which reduces overall costs for you

Expand the scope of your practice without physically expanding. GreenSense Billing telemedicine is integrated with the EHR software so that you can plan and consult your patients at any time in a single system, making your practice even more efficient low overheads.

Do not refer patients who need specialists to other practices. Instead, use GreenSense Billing Advanced Telemedicine to bring specialists to your patients. Maintain internal counseling to help you get more patients and more revenue.


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