Most Common Medical Billing Scams

The Most Common Medical Billing Scams

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As per the medical experts, they lose approximately 30 cents of every dollar they earn due to medical billing scams, that they have to bear in the Medical Billing industry.

The Most Common Medical Billing Scams

With a bucket load of loopholes and technicalities that are vulnerable to fraudulent practices, and the regular person’s incapability to juggle their way through a load of paperwork, it’s unsurprising that people and the government fall for the heaps of medical billing fraud each year.

The Most Common Medical Billing Scams

Let us look at some of the most common kinds of medical billing frauds that are ongoing and the ways to avoid them:

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) fraud

Medical billing fraud covers medical equipment scams consisting of wheelchairs, crutches, hospital beds, oxygen equipment, and diabetic testing supplies. These equipments are expensive and is specifically designed to help immobilized and geriatrics patients.  Medical billing provides a supportive platform for those who have limited income to help provide the best possible care.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) fraud


Upcoding is a form of overbilling. This is when a respective patient or insurance carrier is charged an amount higher than what it is supposed to be for a medical service.

Upcoding is a form of overbilling

Duplicate Charges

Duplicate charges are somewhat similar to what upcoding is, as it is also a form of overbilling. In this instance, a health care procedure is charged twice. Ever wondered how overlooking something in a medical bill can go under the radar, or have you ever asked for an explanation of benefits? One can see how this can be an easy way of squeezing more money out of a patient and/or insurance carrier .

Duplicate Charges in medical billing

Incorrect Quantities

A medical biller who is possibly unethical could charge a patient more than what they owe by misleadingly increasing the overall quantity of medications or other medical items received by the patient.

Incorrect Quantities in medical billing

Phantom Charges

Phantom charges are another form of medical billing fraud.  It occurs when a respective patient or insurance carrier is charged for a service that the patient has never received.

Phantom Charges in medical billing


Unbundling occurs due to the division of charges that should have been totaled beneath the same procedure code. This kind of error made on purpose can be very tricky to catch unless one is a qualified medical billing coder.

Unbundling in medical billing

GreenSense Billing

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