What Are The Benefits of Medical Credentialing Services

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Credentialing Services

Medical and Medicare credentialing is a crucial aspect of any healthcare facility that verifies that doctors and nurses are properly trained and certified and have enough professional experience to provide medical care services to patients. It’s a vital facet of upholding high standards of practice, care, and safety in the medical and healthcare profession.

One thing is certain; if a healthcare facility lacks medical credentialing or medicare provider credentialing, it cannot obtain claimed reimbursements for provided medical services from insurance companies. For example, patients who get treated under Medicaid/Medicare will submit their bill, and that bill cannot be further processed if the credentialing is not completed.

Working with any healthcare software solutions will be really difficult without medical credentialing. No medical practice, clinic, or healthcare provider can overlook the best physician credentialing services and expect to run smooth operations regarding billing and coding.

Since medical credentialing is a long and time taking process, it’s good for healthcare organizations to realize and understand the importance of outsourcing medical credentialing services and why credentialing is important.

To help you understand it better, we present some benefits medical practices get for medical credentialing.

Operation Cost Reduction

Managing clinics and healthcare facilities are expensive and complicated. Only managing rent is challenging, yet doctors have to hire a team for operational tasks like credentialing. That is why outsourcing credentialing process in healthcare is strongly recommended as a solution, as it can save you up to 30-40 % of operating costs.

Here are two quick examples of it:

Save on Space:

You won’t have to rent a vast space for your practice if you outsource billing and administrative tasks like medical credentialing. Hence you save on staffing, office space maintenance, equipment, power utility, and a lot of similar expenses easily.

Labor Costs Reduction:

The average college graduate American earns around $66,000 annually. And the earing can reach up to $77,000 per anum if the personnel have an advanced degree. Hiring workers in America is super expensive. Outsourcing is really cheap as much as you can save $10,000 for one employee in a year.

Improved Efficiency

Many healthcare organizations face a plethora of work consisting of paper documents, spreadsheets, and checklists in different departments. That’s where one realizes the importance of credentialing in healthcare. The paperwork and its updating load increase the work pressure on staff, and eventually, it leads to human errors. The outsourced credentialing services operate on cloud-based systems to help them seamlessly check, verify, and update for mistakes. A central database system helps credentialing services save time they could invest in manual verification’s.

Builds Patient’s Confidence in Practice

The healing process of the patients all depends on their state of mind. If patients trust their physicians, they follow the doctor’s orders properly to get treated. From making mandatory changes in diet plans to exercise and starting a new medication to undergoing a complicated surgical procedure, patients follow all religiously. Obviously, patients who trust their doctor stay with the practice. 

A provider credentialing service makes sure all your staff, including nurses, para medic staff, doctors, surgeons, and support staff, are credentialed and enrolled with insurance companies. You boost future excellence by emphasizing the up-to-date outstanding aptitudes of your team and gaining patients’ confidence to maintain your organization’s reputation as well.

Quicker And Higher Turnaround

Outsourcing your credentialing tasks saves a lot of your time and effort. It reduces the phase of diagnosis and treatment, ensuring timely payment reimbursements. The standard time to verify physician credentials is 60 to 100 days for healthcare centers. While outsourced services speed up the process and let physicians, doctors and surgeons work without any worries.

Error Free Processes

Outsourcing the medical credentialing process helps healthcare and medical practices to stay focused on patients and let them filter, gather, report, and manage the unbiased credentialing verification process. The hospitals, healthcare facilities, or medical practices provide criteria mostly to filter the applicants.

These outsourced companies also keep them up-to-date on the government’s changing regulations and rules, so the hospitals may not face any issues regarding compliances.

Credentialing companies and organizations automate the process by using innovative software. It is really effective as it reduces the considerable errors common in manual processes. Research states that healthcare facilities that use software and databases for credentialing and verification witness a reduction in complications, complaints, and costs. The modern software checks for errors automatically, and the details are filtered out.

Final Words

Healthcare facilities and hospitals face challenges increasingly, and growing global health issues like Covid-19 have made it more difficult for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics to rely on old-fashioned medical credentialing methods. The most satisfactory solution for this time-consuming yet crucial aspect is to partner with a professional, reliable, and reputed company such as GreenSense Billing for credentialing services.

We automate the processes through our efficient software systems to verify the doctor’s credentials. When the credentialing is processed swiftly, the doctors, surgeons, and nurses can start attending and caring for the patients quickly. With us, the healthcare providers’ data is secure and safe and can be accessed and shared remotely.

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