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GreenSense Appointment Reminders and Alerts

Forget about manual calls: automation is more intuitive and fun. Automate these small manual tasks with GreenSense Billing in a few clicks.

Say goodbye to all these administrative tasks by sending automated appointment alerts or reminders and get to see more patients everyday to increase your practice and your revenue.

Appointment Date Alerts

Improve your continuity of care and reduce absences and delays by sending automated reminders to your patients before each appointment visit.

Cancellation of Patients

Patients can now be able to easily cancel appointments by phone, email and SMS. This ensures that employees can respond back and quickly adopt new time intervals to optimize patient flow despite the changes in appointment schedules.

Confirmation of Patients On-the-Go

Automatic reminders contain links that allow patients to confirm appointments. The whole process takes only a few seconds and helps staff increase the number of patients.

Patients’ Report

Communicate changes in the office, such as: Hours, new positions, new providers and payment methods. Get patient orientation by active/inactive state, geography, diagnostic code, date of birth/age and insurance.

Automatic callback reminders

Set up three consecutive and automated reminders to schedule a patient for a reminder visit. You can set the language selected by the patient between English and Spanish and communicate via SMS, email or voice. You can also send a link to give the patient the opportunity to plan online and ahead. Once the patient has been scheduled (online or by phone), the reminders are paused automatically.

Advanced technology for private practice

Appointment reminder is an invaluable feature to improve reception and planning efficiency. Stop browsing calendars and use our scheduled reminders to manage appointments, waiting lists and calendars for one or more practice locations.

Even for shorter list of activities, you can use GreenSense Billing software, as it is the only all-in-one software platform that combines your medical, clinical and patient billing experiences. It helps you manage every aspect of your practice on a more powerful, convenient, simplified, customizable and a unique platform. Now that’s value for your money and practice.

We all need reminders one way or another. Reminding patients of upcoming appointments by automation can be something to look forward to. It improves the continuity of care and patient engagement while reducing the frequency and delay of the absence. This is a simple and modern way to improve the patient experience and achieve better clinical results.


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