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Virtual Staffing

GreenSense Billing provides Revenue Cycle Management for your practice along with virtual staffing solutions to increase your revenue.

Best Practices in Revenue Cycle Management 2020

With Our Cloud-Based Medical Billing Software, practice management, reporting and benchmarking tools, clearinghouse, EHR software, smart dashboards, customizable templates, ePrescribing application tools, patient portals, digital patient kiosks, and telemedicine applications; we can fulfill your virtual staffing needs and provide you with :

Certified Medical Billers and Coding Experts

Round-the-Clock 24/7 Support with Dedicated Managers

Cloud-Based Medical Billing and Application Tool Software

GreenSense Billing can help you with your Medical Billing and Coding needs. We will provide you with the perfect team to fit all your billing and coding staffing needs.

Having experienced and qualified employees is an essential part of running a smooth practice. The right qualified care team can always help to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your practice or hospital and provide personalized patient care.


At GreenSense Billing, we offer customizable tailored virtual staffing solutions for all medical and health care practices, hospitals, and dental offices, by providing the right ‘Care Team’ for your practice specialty, regardless of size. No long term contracts are required. Our ‘Virtual Staffing Solutions’ are catered to help all health care practices regardless of specialty or size by providing them with the best virtual staff.

Offering Specialized Healthcare Staffing Solutions to Maximize Revenue for Your Practice

Our Team of Dedicated and Well-Trained Medical Billers and Coding Experts will help take care of your:

1. Front Desk Tasks

Our dedicated virtual front desk office staff provides medical appointment scheduling, font office tasks, insurance eligibility, and appointment alerts, and reminders for your patients.

2. Medical Billing and Coding Staff

Our Certified Medical Billers and Coders have the expertise and knowledge to handle all kinds of medical billing issues, financial planning of your practice, resolving medical billing errors, and reporting to simplify your billing and coding tasks making it easier than ever before.

Our team of well-trained and experienced regional representatives use multiple resources to provide you with medical billing and coding solutions. Our experience virtual staff can help with all types of health care practices. We’ll assign health care professional employees ranging from AAPC certified coding professionals to data entry experts, office assistants, and administrative staff to accommodate all your practices needs.

3. Eligibility Verification and Pre-Authorization

GreenSense Billing Virtual Staffing can help you with insurance verification, pre-authorizations, and patient demographics to streamline your practice and ensure proper patient benefits and medical coverage.

4. Appointment Scheduling, Alerts and Reminders

For all your upcoming appointment reminders, GreenSense Billing Virtual Staffing Services can simplify and relive you of the over-burdening daily appointment calls and schedules by conveniently ensuring 2 to 3 day appointment check through a dedicated medical appointment scheduler, also including:

  • Appointment Scheduling, Alerts, and Reminders for Patients
  • Medicare/Medicaid Insurance Eligibility Check
  • Minimizing the Risk of Unpaid and Uncovered Services by Insurance Providers
5. Data Entry, Data Conversion, and Document Indexing

Many practice owners, hospitals, and health care institutions struggle to keep up with their overburdening tasks related to medical billing. Our qualified virtual employees can manage all important data entry, and conversion of important document indexing processes for your practice.

With our efficient virtual staff, you can focus on your patients care. Our employees work full time for hospital institutions, health care entities, and private practice owners at a cost less than you can imagine.

6. Patient Help Desk/Support Specialist

We offer trained agents who can handle patient help desk related tasks and support.

With Patient Help Desk Support, We offer:

– Appointment Scheduling /Re-scheduling

– Patient Support

– Give Authorization and Confirmation for patient-related requests

– Front Desk Office Related Coordination

– Verification of Medical Billing Payment Process and Collections

– Insurance Carrier Related Calls and Resolution


Patient help desk support is for managing practices overall call volume so they can better concentrate on their patients and administrative tasks.

7. Patient Collections

In our effort to improve patient collections, whenever there is a co-payment that is the patients responsibility after the insurance payment, we send paper or electronic patient statements directly from our clearinghouse to remind patients for their responsibility as per practice instructions in a billing cycle.

The patient collection in medical billing is a very important and essential aspect of your practice. To efficiently manage your overall revenue cycle management, GreenSense Billing offers staffing solutions to:

– Increase revenue and decrease aging claims

– Identifying any billing or coding errors

– Support all overall financial aspects of your practice

8. Claims Management Service

With Medical Claims Management Services, we offer dedicated staffing solutions for:

– Entering Charges/Payments

– Claims Submission and Resolution

– Denial Management

– Sending appeals if required

– Claim Follow-ups until resolved

– Creating EDI, ERA, EFT with Insurance

– Sending Statements to the patient

9. Credentialing Services

Our highly trained and professional virtual staff can provide enrollment and medical credentialing process and services including:

  • Selecting insurance payers for credentialing or re-credentialing services and collecting the required necessary provider information


  • Reviewing, analyzing and auditing the application for accuracy & completeness and then filing the application


  • Submitting the credentialing forms to insurance carriers


  • Following-up with the insurance carriers regularly to track the status of the application


  • Obtaining the enrollment number from insurance and communicating with the healthcare professional

Greensense Comprehensive Virtual Staffing Services for Medical and Dental Practices
and Hospitals

Call us today to speak to our senior virtual staffing manager to discuss all your billing and coding needs today and start generating more revenue from your collections and minimize your overhead costs.


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