Frequently Asked Questions

GreenSense Billing provides all aspects of Medical Billing and Coding Services, including Practice Management Software, EHR, Medical Billing Software, Reporting and Benchmarking Tools, Clearinghouse, ePrescribing, Patient Engagement Tools, Patient Portal, Telemedicine, Patient Kiosk and much more.
GreenSense offers One Stop Solutions for all your medical billing needs in one place. We also provide cloud-powered integration for all medical billing tasks. With HIPAA Compliance, GreenSense Billing provides a Full Suite of medical billing tasks and is the most adaptable, affordable, and convenient solution for the complexity of medical billing available today. Our medical billing and software tool integration is tailored to suit any specialty or practice.
GreenSense Billing’s medical billing software and support tool integrations do not require any costly or sophisticated installations or IT customer support. It can easily be accessed with a simple compatible internet browser. There is no need to purchase any special IT-related equipment, computers, software licenses, servers, or maintenance.
GreenSense Billing is HIPAA Compliant, as it complies with all the HIPAA regulations and requirements.
GreenSense Billing is ICD – 10 ready and offers extensive support and counseling to help your practice with the latest ICD – 10 coding standards.
  • GreenSense Billing supports medical billing and coding requirements for all types of specialties.
  • What formats of paper and what kind of insurances are supported by GreenSense Billing?
  • GreenSense Billing supports Government, third-party, and all private insurances which are HIPAA Compliant
GreenSense Billing does not charge for server access, software purchase, or IT support. There are no up-front charges. You simply pay a small percentage fee of your total monthly collections.
The monthly subscription fee is charged on a per-provider basis, depending upon the specialty.
GreenSense Billing provides all aspects of claims, including real-time eligibility, electronic claim submissions, claim status, claim resolutions, and electronic remittance advice.

The following acceptable forms of payment include:

  • ACH Authorization (preferred form payment)
  • Cheque, American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover
Similarly to other cloud services, subscription payment starts as soon as you complete the implementation process
You can review our updated Terms and Conditions any time by downloading the pdf version of it from the link:
Your monthly subscription cost would cover medical billing software, hosting, maintenance, customer support 24/7, back-up support, and regular updates on your software.
Many factors can determine our software services’ pricing, depending upon your practice scope, the number of users, specialty, and other variables if it is a customizable plan to suit your practice needs and requirements. Please view our pricing plan.

GreenSense Billing provides the most affordable pricing plan for your practice, regardless of practice size, whether you’re just starting out or well established. We also offer financing options, credentialing, virtual staffing, a complete suite of revenue cycle management services, and much more. Our job is to provide you with the utmost convenience, ease, and reliability for your Medical Billing, which is why we tailor and customize our pricing plan so it’s suited just for your needs. We provide you with a round the clock 24/7 customer agent and dedicated account manager.

In-house medical billing can cost you a lot more, when considering all the overhead costs, including salaries, benefits, hardware, software, and ongoing training costs of your staff members.

With outsourced medical billing, you don’t have to worry about reoccurring costs such as salaries, recruitment, training, etc. You simply a minimum monthly subscription cost and your assigned expert medical billing staff will handle all your medical billing needs.