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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to increase the profitability of my practice; can you help me with that?

We offer free practice building consultation to our customers. We keep track of proper work on denials so that the aging is not increased that helps in smooth cash flows and increase your monthly income.

Can you handle past-due accounts and outstanding claims I currently have?

Yes. That is one of our core expertise to effectively work on older-due accounts and follow-up with payors to resolve holdups if there are any.

Are you a collection agency? Will you work with collection agencies?

No, we are not a licensed collection agency.  We cannot report delinquent debt to credit reporting agencies, nor do we ever contact patients by phone or email about past due balances. However, we can refer delinquent accounts to a collection agency one from our panel.

Who will be responsible for coding, including verifying the correct usage of modifiers?

We have a team of professional coders who determine the correct coding and usage of modifiers according to the instructions by payers.

How will you help increase my revenue?

We have a team of experienced medical billers and AR Managers and make full use of experiences based on different specialties.

Who will take patient calls regarding patient billing?

Yes, we will take patient calls regarding all the queries for patient billing.

Who will be sending statements and who will be paying for the statements?

We will be sending the statements to the patients and also we will be paying for the statements.

What software’s are you using and familiar with?

We are familiar with most common software’s in industry including Centricity, Office Ally, All Script, practice fusion and Nextgen.

Who will be responsible for tracking rejected claims?

We will be responsible for tracking rejected claims, whenever we submit claims , we generate a report very next day to confirm how many claims are accepted and rejected and if any claims are rejected we make corrections and resubmit the claims.

Are you giving Verification of benefits services?

Yes we give VOB services prior an appointment within the same day.

How long have you been working in this field and how many years of experience do your billers have?

We have been working in this field for many years and our most experienced billers have an experience of 5-8 years.

What types of reports will I receive?

We provide weekly/monthly reports including the practice health, Worked AR VS  Un-worked  AR, rejected claims report, patient billing reports.

Are you offering denial management on my existing claims and old claims?

Yes we do offer denial management on existing claims, once we receive a denial we work within 24 hours and resubmit the claims to keep cash flow moving also we offer denial management on your old aging claims, first we do analysis of your practice old claims under common payers and then we will let you know how much claims can be paid and how many claims should be written off.


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