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GreenSense Billing EHR Software is Unique, Unlike Any Other!

GreenSense Billing Electronic Health Records has activity logs for priority tasks, patient cards, medical records and dashboard panels to standardize all roles in your practice. It improves upon your clinical work-flow by creating a personalized and caring experience with patients, one which suits their needs and requirements.

You can focus on what you need to do next. Get a schedule snapshot and your task activity shows your workload and key elements that prioritize critical work items for you. It is like an automated workflow analyst that consolidates all the priorities of your practice.

Scheduling Snapshot!

You can customize and create personalized snap-shot program and track patient visit arrangements for your practice.

Prioritize your tasks

You can review your incomplete activities in real-time, prioritize your most urgent and critical work tasks on the go

Medical Payments

Gets quick access to common mapping elements with simplified details and access summaries of patient information and history on any accessible device.

Discover the fully integrated features and capabilities of GreenSense Billing EHR software!

Our intelligent cloud-based clinical applications make up a third of our medical billing software platform. All of our EHR technologies, as well as our billing and patient care solutions, work in harmony. We help align each critical role of the practice with synchronized feature and information.

Patient Cards

Patient information sorted out in a chronological order for common tasks to access and manage medical charts quickly.

Task Donuts

Focus on the workload, observe outstanding and critical activities and stay updated on the pending task list.

Patient Rooming

Track and follow the patient’s condition, receive waiting messages, notifications and activity indicators to maximize the doctor’s treatment time.

Patient Tools

Involve patients with many self-service functions that automatically synchronize with their medical records.

Customizable Templates

Increase productivity with flexible notes and sub-note templates designed by doctors.


Gain new patients, extend care and support to rural areas and to chronic patients, while reducing costs for all.


Through our intelligent technology framework manage requirements and renewals by sending prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically. Less paper more green.


The secure way to digitally prescribe & track controlled substances. Generate & sign prescriptions, then send directly to the pharmacy.

Mobile EHR iOS App

Access your medical practice information from anywhere, at any time in a secure environment. This makes it a lot simpler to send patient immunization information electronically to state records.

Cloud EHR Software and Data

Benefit from an all-in-one high-tech platform i.e. HIPAA compliant, has offsite storage and automated data backup.


Manage information quickly and safely by converting a manual fax operation to paperless mode.

Informed Clinical Decision Support

Customize health programs to manage conditions based on age, gender, laboratory results and diagnosis.

Multi-specialty support

Like an MSO, IPA or ACO we offer EHR to all doctors and manage operations centrally.

Patient Messages

Communicating with patients through group and personalized messages to improve relationships and income.

Dashboard for Physicians

Customize your dashboard to keep track of daily activities, appointments, priority elements and communication with employees.

CQM Reporting

Participate in a value-based utility; maximize your scores and finally your reimbursement.


Use daily reports to find out where you stand and stay updated as per MACRA & MIPS requirements.

Meaningful Use

Our EHR has everything you need to successfully attest for Meaningful Use: best-in-class clinical charting & a comprehensive patient portal.

Check the High-priority box

Highlight items of high priority in notes, orders, prescriptions, results, documents, uploads, payments and charge slips.


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