EHR Software

GreenSense Billing EHR Software is Unique, Unlike Any Other!

GreenSense Billing Electronic Health Records has activity logs for priority tasks, patient cards, medical records and dashboard panels to standardize all roles in your practice. It improves upon your clinical work-flow by creating a personalized and caring experience with patients, one which suits their needs and requirements.

You can focus on what you need to do next. Get a schedule snapshot and your task activity shows your workload and key elements that prioritize critical work items for you. It is like an automated workflow analyst that consolidates all the priorities of your practice.

Key Softwares

Smart Dashboard Software

Billing Dashboard is extremely intelligent and smart for all your billing hassles! This automated technology for your practice just got smarter.
The Most Easiest, Convenient and Customizable way to Create Charts for your medical billing requirements!
The Best Way to Prescribe Medicines to Your Patients with GreenSense Billing. An intuitive electronic prescription tool that you have been looking for.
GreenSense Billing Quality Payment Program for your Revenue Cycle Management. As software certified by ONC 2015 EHR, GreenSense Billing meets all MACRA requirements.

Scheduling Snapshot!

You can customize and create personalized snap-shot program and track patient visit arrangements for your practice.

Prioritize your tasks

You can review your incomplete activities in real-time, prioritize your most urgent and critical work tasks on the go

Medical Payments

Gets quick access to common mapping elements with simplified details and access summaries of patient information and history on any accessible device.

Discover The Features

Discover the fully integrated features and capabilities of GreenSense Billing EHR software!

Our intelligent cloud-based clinical applications make up a third of our medical billing software platform. All of our EHR technologies, as well as our billing and patient care solutions, work in harmony. We help align each critical role of the practice with synchronized feature and information.

Start generating more revenue from your collections and minimize your overhead costs.