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The Most Easiest, Convenient and Customizable way to Create Charts for your medical billing requirements!

Our Medical Billing software for electronic medical records is as specialized as your practice. Customize templates according to your specifications, workflows and graphical chart preferences.

Different Variety of Specialties

Create optimal and seamless workflow lists to see more patients in an environment that suits your preference.

Workflow Note Optimization

The Note and Secondary Notes templates are designed in a way to align with the workflows of your practice.

Field Mapping

Collect useful and meaningful data without adding or modifying the templates.

Our customized template modules simplify your day!

We would not ask you to adapt your practice to our software. Instead, we would offer you software that you can be customizable according to your practice.

Customizable software for electronic medical records

Improve clinical efficiency by staying on track: Customize our EHR templates to suit your specialty, specifications, workflow tasks and preferences. This is a simpler and faster way to collect patient data for meaningful use. This will allow you to spend more time treating patients and less time editing or creating graphical charts.

Medical Billing Software for Electronic Medical Records - EHR Services
EMR Integrated Billing Services

Better clinical results are just the tip of the ice berg

Our customizable templates are part of robust EHR software for private practice. Our EHR software also includes vaccination notification tools, population health management and ePrescriptions that can help you improve clinical outcomes.

What becomes the rest of your practice? The answer is the GreenSense Billing. It is the only complete software platform that integrates EHR software with our patient engagement and experience and our medical billing systems. This entire practice is compatible with only one system: it is faster, easier and more convenient.


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