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Medical Scheduling Software for all Your Front Office Tasks and Medical Billing Needs

Develop your practice with Our Medical Scheduling tool that simplifies your day conveniently for all your medical scheduling needs. You would never have to worry about your medical billing hassles ever again with GreenSense Billing.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Find out about any insurance coverage before the patient makes an appointment. With our eEligibility verification tool you can run queries for individual cases as well as run a batch.

Clearinghouse Insurance Eligibility Verification
Appointment Reminders Services Medical Scheduling Software

Appointment Alerts and Reminders

Reduce delays and late arrivals with automated alert reminders. Notify your patients before each appointment to avoid late arrivals and no-shows.

Snapshot Your Medical Schedule

In the Instant view, you can see the number of your daily medical appointments for each provider and for any particular practice location.

EMR Integrated Billing Services

Stop browsing your monthly calendars to find an appointment and enjoy a better, convenient and simplified way to schedule medical appointments.

Experience a Whole New Way to Maximize Efficiency for Your Practice!

It is important to know how well your medical staff is spending their time. With GreenSense Billing’s advance medical scheduling software, you can easily speed up your scheduling plans, align and execute more tasks through your front office. Focus and concentrate on registering patients, collect copays and support your important administrative tasks.

Begin a New Relationship of Success with GreenSense Billing for Lifetime

Medical Scheduling is just one element of GreenSense Billing, which improves operational efficiency. Learn how to save your precious time and money with detailed analytical reports and analysis, automated claim resolution and integrated payment processing.


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