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GreenSense Billing Patient Engagement Software helps you to involve your patients for the success of your practice

GreenSense Billing Patient Engagement software provides all the self-service capabilities required by patients and it is automated to reduce the workload of your employees. Make your patients happier by simplifying their experience and engagement, keep them retained and get more referrals.


Expand your reach by adding another source of income without leaving your desk. Telemedicine software combines virtual technology with a better patient experience.

Reputation Management

Find out how medical reputation management software can improve your online qualifications, build a positive online reputation and attract new patients.

Patient Portal

An intuitive and convenient online portal, which helps your patients to schedule their appointments, request a charge, pay bills or even chat with you in real time.

Patients’ Report

Communicate changes in the office, such as: Hours, new positions, new providers and payment methods. Get patient orientation by active/inactive state, geography, diagnostic code, date of birth/age and insurance.

Patient Kiosk

Less patient complaints, less work for your front desk. Our patient kiosk for iPad is the perfect way to register.

Patient consent forms

No documents, no problems. Patients can complete consent forms and update their personal information online before visiting the office. The records are faster to fill and it doesn’t require your staff to enter data.

EHR Integration

It is not necessary to enter data. Conference notes and data are automatically entered and immediately available in the GreenSense Billing EHR patient registry.

Conference Interface

You can always provide quality support. Face-to-face conference conversations bring the personal attention of an office visit to the virtual healthcare experience.

Patient Portal

An intuitive and convenient online portal, which helps your patients make appointments faster and conveniently, request newer prescriptions, pay bills or even chat with you in real time.

Medical Billing Patient Portal Conference

The Quality of Care begins with a Quality Experience.

Offer your patients faster documentation, check-ins, shorter waiting times and the required online services which they have been looking for.

Software Tools that save everyone’s time.

Reduce your patients’ time to complete forms and register them without going to the office. Your staff will also be pleased as our patient bonding solutions eliminate bottlenecks at the office by automating manual processes.

Eliminate Insecurities, do things online.

Offer your patients the freedom to help themselves. Our online portal helps you schedule appointments, download training materials, request a prescription renewal, complete informed consent forms, view lab results and pay bills whenever convenient. It is quick, easy, and guarantees excellent reviews.


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