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GreenSense Billing Patient Portal Software

More happiness, More References, More Convenience. GreenSense Billing keeps you satisfied with the patient portal software. Your very own convenient Practical technology that keeps your patients stay focused and connected between practice visits.

Discover The Features

Discover the features of fully functional GreenSense Billing Patient Portal Software

New Prescriptions

Our HIPAA compliant platform which is alternative to phones and faxes, now patients can send prescription renewal requests through your online portal. You can view and sign-off on the go.

Online Bill Payment

Another reason for a better patient experience! Convenient payment options allow your patients to view and pay bills securely online with a credit card.

Online Engagement

Patients may have questions and problems they want addressed in time. Your front office or support staff stays connected and does quick fulfillment of patient needs which guarantees better patient experience.

A good Patient Portal is what your facility needs

Increase patient satisfaction while reducing the administrative burden of staff. Your patients will feel more engaged and connected and your employees will feel the ease of a lower workload.

Faster Functions, Faster Resolutions

Do let your patients stay on hold when they call your office. Our portal helps you spend less time leaving messages, waiting for a reminder or planning visits. The online news, prescription renewal and appointment features allow patients to send questions and plan office visits with just a few clicks. Shorter response times allow faster resolution of requirements.

Patient Experience Counts

If you want a higher level of patient satisfaction and retention, you should make them happy. This is exactly what the GreenSense Billing Patient Portal does, it allows patients to quickly and easily access medical records and clinical summaries, pay bills or contact relevant staff. More access to quality care equals to better patient engagement and experience.

Automating Your Administrative Tasks

Let our patient portal software support you and them to smile. As a result, employees spend less time answering calls, scheduling appointments and answering provider questions, leaving more time for billing and clinical activities. As your efficiency increases, so does your income and your ability to grow your practice.
Start generating more revenue from your collections and minimize your overhead costs.