Smart Dashboard

EHR Software


Billing Dashboard is extremely intelligent and smart for all your billing hassles!

This automated technology for your practice just got smarter. Now you can see all your upcoming outstanding tasks in real-time it also high-lights urgent and critical issues. The practical dashboard lists all the most frequently performed task elements of the workflow in a single place. This facilitates and streamlines task management and make it comfortable than ever.

Prioritize your tasks

Keep up with your practice by measuring the volume of workload with to-do lists.

Complete Tasks Much Faster

Improve your lag time with minimal clicks, so you can generate more time for the critical tasks.

Alerts and Reminders

Immediately monitor urgent tasks and issues, such as abnormal laboratory results to avoid critical oversight or errors.

Snapshot of the Consolidated Schedule

A schedule snapshot with an improved column that gives you access to all common tasks. This makes it easier to capture charges, verify patient check-in and check-out, mark no-show and manage patient rooming.

Outstanding or Delayed Task Donuts

Task Donuts are prioritized for daily activities in order form. This visual and interactive graph helps you to complete your task lists faster with just a few clicks.

Priority Mail

Most of the space on the screen is designed to help you do your tasks quickly. When selecting donuts as laboratories, charges, refills or messages, the objects will be visible and prioritized in an “in-box” graphical layout. Using a donut library, you can prioritize on the management of your task activities.
Start generating more revenue from your collections and minimize your overhead costs.