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GreenSense Billing Medical Credentialing Services

GreenSense Billing Medical Credentialing Services are managed by a highly experienced and professional team of experts, who can help you with provider enrollment and medical credentialing process


Medical Credentialing Services

Medical credentialing services process is a systematic approach to collect, record, review, and verify health care provider’s professional qualifications. These professional qualifications are reviewed and verified carefully and include medical credentialing, trainings, license to practice, certification, or registration to practice in the health care field and background checks.

Medical Credentialing Services is a process of affiliating with medical insurance companies to make sure that health care providers may accept payment reimbursements from third parties.

GreenSense Billing Medical Credentialing Services can also be utilized by health care facilities as part of their verification process to allow health care practitioners for:

Service Delivery

On-Campus Service Delivery

Healthcare Plans

Healthcare Plans to allow health care providers to participate in the provider enrollment network

Healthcare Facilities

Other Health Care facilities that other providers have, need to hire or engage providers in a network

GreenSense Billing provides Quick, Reliable and Comprehensive Medical Credentialing Services

GreenSense Billing provides Medical Credentialing Services for Healthcare Providers, Practitioners, Hospitals, and Medical Institutions.

GreenSense Billing obtains, verifies, and assesses all necessary and adequate qualifications of healthcare practitioners to provide care services for any hospital or health care organization. Credentials are properly reviewed and documented as evidence of licensure, education, training, experience, or any other qualifications. Medical credentialing services can always be unpredictable, that is why it is most practical and necessary that these services be performed with the utmost vigilance and consideration.

Medical Billing and Credentialing Service – Healthcare Provider Credentialing Overview

Medical credentialing is the process through which a health insurance company formally assesses the qualifications and skills of a service provider, based on the established quality standards or the competition in the health care industry. Credentialing is often regarded as a long exhausting process that can easily take up six months or even more. The reason is the requirement to present basic information, submit extensive background information, and review and verify background information.


Depending upon certain circumstances, sometimes even the clinic or the health care organization for which the provider is working for, and may also need to go through medical credentialing or medical credentialing services.

GreenSense Billing provides reliable medical credentialing services where each provider is individually credentialed or in a group.

Our expert medical credentialing team can work with all insurance companies to enroll our health care providers with health plans and maintain their credentialing files and documents as well.

Expert Medical Credentialing Services for Provider Enrollment and Insurance Carrier Verification

Medical credentialing services can be a complicated process and time-consuming.  GreenSense Billing can help you with medical provider credentialing services. Our expert and professional staff can easily manage all phases of provider enrollment and credentialing services, from determining and verifying eligibility criteria to applying for its completion

Our medical provider credentialing services also include provider registration for group or individual practice level. We work with practitioners and providers of all kinds of medical specialties and help them with their credentialing needs with insurance networks such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance Companies. Our expert medical credentialing service fits and adapts to any practice, regardless of its size or specialty.

Our Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services include:

Provider Registration and Enrollment

Provider Registration and Enrollment Services for practitioners, physicians and healthcare providers

Insurance Credentialing

Insurance Credentialing services and contracting with various health plans


Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies re-validation services


CAQH, PCEOS and NPI registration

Managed Services

Managed service contracts

Our expert medical credentialing team can work with all insurance companies to enroll our health care providers with health plans and maintain their credentialing files and documents as well.

Our provider enrollment and credentialing services vary as per the payer. The time for attaining approval to participate in network and insurance plans are set individually by each payer. Our medical provider credentialing services also include maintaining a checklist to consistently contact and coordinate with the payor regularly to track the status of pending requests.


After submitting a completed application for the provider, we have no control or guarantee as to whether and/or when a candidate will be admitted to participate. Permission to participate is at the discretion of each payer. Payors often change their policies and criteria without notice. But we make every effort with constant follow-up on all our submitted applications to be approved as soon as we could.

GreenSense Billing Medical Credentialing Services ensures that the healthcare practitioner can provide adequate care services to patients without Compromising on Quality Standards

Our Medical Credentialing Services are Essential for Insurance Companies including Medicare, Medicaid and other Commercial Insurance Plans

With GreenSense Billing Credentialing Services, we will help you with provider enrollment, so that you can become in-network provider and receive reimbursements quick and easy for your medical services on-the-go from each insurance carrier.


Today, expert medical credentialing services have become very necessary for healthcare providers to be in network of insurance companies and constantly be up-to-date with their health plans and insurance policies.


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