How Can Your Practice be More Efficient with GreenSense Billing

How Can Your Practice be More Efficient with GreenSense Billing?

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GreenSense Billing has more than 20 years of experience in medical billing and coding services.  With a wide range of medical billing and revenue cycle management services to serve healthcare providers for their practice, GreenSense Billing provides the right software tools to help facilitate patient care services which they provide.

GreenSense Billing has more than 20 years of collective experience in handling medical billing, coding services, collections and obtaining the highest possible reimbursement from insurance companies. Our validated methods and incisive negation management consistently produce exceptional performance and exceed expectations.

Benefits for Having an Electronic Health Record (EHR) with Practice Management Software

Make your healthcare practice more efficient it is beneficial for health care providers to have an electronic health record (EHR) integrated with practice management software because it allows you to interact and collaborate with your patients and staff on essential tasks such as appointment scheduling, patient scheduling, medical claims, telemedicine, and much more.

make your healthcare practice more efficient

In today’s digital age, medical care can be complicated, especially when you consider all applicable government policies, insurance, and HIPAA compliant regulations.  Nevertheless, it is important to apply your claims and settle them within the correct deadlines, otherwise, you will quickly find yourself under even greater pressure while attempting to resolve your billing claims.

One of the better ways to cope with these pressures is to outsource your medical billing. By doing so, you can help your practice generate revenue more effectively. If you are still uncertain about outsourcing your medical billing, here are just a few reasons why outsourcing your medical billing can help your practice generate more revenue and ensure that your practice is productive.

GreenSense Billing is a one-stop solution for all your medical billing and coding problems, which includes analysis and follow-up on outstanding claims. Your claims are processed and resolved much earlier, thus contributing to better financial results for your practice.

With GreenSense Billing, you can diligently take care of your patients and enjoy 100% error-free medical billing and coding processes, quick reimbursements, and round the clock customer service. GreenSense Billing also offers other services such as:

Eliminating Workplace Discrepancies

You no longer need to wonder whether your workers are up-to-date on new medical procedures or coding updates, and you won’t have to think about submitting such confusing forms or medical reports for approval or attempt to settle on outstanding claims.

easy steps to efficient medical billingDealing with Medical Claims

By outsourcing medical billing, you can automate your daily appointment schedule and focus on your administrative tasks, making your practice more efficient. You can then simplify your practice to increase your account receivables. As many documenting reports have shown it can take months to obtain reimbursements. By outsourcing your medical billing you will start collecting payments through medical billing software in less than two weeks with financial reporting and benchmarking.

Efficient Health Insurance Plan

You can easily verify patient insurance details with just a few clicks. You’ll no longer need to waste hours on the phone calling insurance companies explaining the details and patient information to them to verify a patients insurance coverage. With the EHR software application, you will have access to all the patient records, such as the number of patient appointments needed for a certain medical condition, or details about the patient’s insurance coverage. All patient information is processed with the help of your EHR tool.

Securing Private Information of Patients

Data protection in the today’s digital age is a very big concern for everyone. Especially for those in the health care industry, but most importantly when it comes to outsourcing medical billing; protecting all your patient’s information and medical data in a cloud based storage is very risky. It is important to secure and protect information with firewalls and data encryption. Many insurance payments firms have high-security procedures in effect to secure confidential medical records and protect it from intrusion attempts, adhering to the stringent provisions.

Patient Engagement and Participationefficient medical billing services

Through patient engagement and participation, it can allow physicians and nurses to focus on the individual needs and care of their patients. It can be difficult and overwhelming to ensure that patients are happy with the professional care that they receive. Using an engagement software tool for patient interaction can make it easy for doctors and health care professionals to stay connected with their patients.

Health care professionals spend a considerable amount of time taking care of the patients. Making medical billing and medical collections difficult. GreenSense Billing offers all related software specialties in an all-in-one suite for all medical billing services. Our immaculate medical billing systems will execute all your medical billing related tasks in just a few clicks.


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