GreenSense Billing Patient Engagement Tools

GreenSense Billing Patient Engagement Tools Which Boost Patient Experience and Satisfaction

Sophisticated Patient Engagement Tools are the way forward for heightened medical billing and coding practices. In the last decade the healthcare industry has seen plenty of ways to better administer care to patients. Medical billing software platforms are the number one priority to have impeccable clinical health data management, along with innumerable opportunities for revenue generation for any specialty practice. In this digital era of technology patient engagement tools serve as an integral support system for providers and patients today. Medical Billing and Coding Companies in the US are gaining distinction enormously in recent times due to their cost-effectiveness and revenue-generating capabilities. GreenSense Billing has over 25 years’ experience dealing with practice management in the most lucrative and time-saving way possible. Our team of experts make sure that your revenue cycle management is highly optimized and swift. We are highly committed to serving all our clients.

Patient Engagement Tools increase operational efficiency and helps to educate patients in being proactive about their health care. It is one of the best forms of interaction between patients and health care providers to have automated workflows and reminder alerts that are beneficial for both parties involved.  Quantifiable Data Analytics gauge the improvement in medical GreenSense Billing Patient Engagement Toolssymptoms, and track down the effects of medications to relieve the patients symptoms on many levels. Affordable Medical Billing Solutions help health care providers to streamline their clinical workflows through automated and highly advanced EHR systems that make patient records more accurate and secure. Medical Billing and Coding are now being outsourced as providers need more assistance in scrutinizing medical billing and pushing forward faster reimbursements for services rendered.


Cloud-Based EHR Software Solution

Due to innumerable EHR Software vendors out there it sometimes can be perplexing for providers to choose the best medical billing software that fits their practice needs. As there is no one size fits all rule many health care providers look for the most cost-effective and popular medical billing service provider or medical billing software. GreenSense Billing EHR Software has a list of activity logs, prioritized task management, medical records, and smart dashboards for a business intelligence software solution for providers. Patient summaries are at your fingertips with additional consolidated scheduling snapshots that enable you to thrive in your practice and give you informed clinical support saving you time and maximizing your revenue.

Patient Engagement through Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine serves to bridge the gap between provider and patient through virtual medical screenings, treatment, and diagnosis. It relieves the patient who needs urgent medical assessment trough remote options of teleconferencing and video calling. GreenSense Billing Telemedicine Software provides a user-friendly interface that is a virtual and personalized software solution. Our telemedicine technology is synced with EHR software that provides you greater support and manages time. It is a software solution that aims at better-connected health through online options. Its omnipresence has the power to transform the virtual world by giving direct recommendations and preference options that are readily available to both patients and health care providers.

Enhancing Patient Engagement with Patient Kiosks 

Patient portals are paving the way forward for a patient to get their health care data through a one-click solution that summarizes and sorts their health care information. With the advent of telemedicine health care technology is now powered to revolutionize virtual interactions between providers and patients. Right from the moment a patient’s doctor visit begins to the end of the engagement they both are fully aware and engaged of any changes with online information that segments vital health care analytics to derive purposeful conclusions. GreenSense Billing Patient Kiosks are engineered for medical billing excellence. The best features of our software include online consent forms, convenient registration solutions, automatic appointment reminder alerts, customized templates, and a faster registration process.

EHR Software for Patient Engagement  

 Electronic Health Records are the digital database of readily available health care information that is at the disposable of various health care systems and patients at once. EHR systems allow providers to sift through information through customizable templates that help them in managing their clinical notes and workflow. They have appointment reminder alerts within the software as well for further convenience. GreenSense EHR Software Solutions has customizable templates that increase and assure workflow optimization through field mapping. Additionally, we have a smart dashboard that is user friendly and highly intuitive. It also includes e-prescribing software that ensures fast medication deliverability through various mediums like online pharmacies for greater transparency. MACRA and MIPS functionality is a bonus for Medicare patients to access care promptly.

Engaging Patients by Appointment Reminders 

Appointment reminders are essential to take note of upcoming and previous health checkups. Thus, a dashboard with internal message alerts and operational upgrades that help in remembering essential dates of services and medical assessments is crucial.  . Patients can book appointments anytime, anywhere at their convenience. GreenSense Billing Appointment Scheduling Software is dynamically designed to take the burden off the doctor’s shoulders through high-end functionalities. These include appointment cancellation alerts through texts, on-the-goo confirmation options, appointment date alerts, and automatic call reminders. A sophisticated appointment rescheduling software is essential to active performance management. It helps in appointment rescheduling and preparing in advance for your availability at any given time slot.

Real-Time Mobile/IOS App Functionality

 The financial health of a practice is the priority for providers. Our real-time data points out areas of improvement to help you increase your revenue. Because revenue cycle management is the goal of any health care organization or provider it is crucial to have all health care information on-the-go. GreenSense Billing Mobile IOS App is integrated with our EHR software that provides informed clinical support through greater accessibility anywhere and everywhere. It is a great tool for health care data relevant to patient medications, labs, or even immunization reports that help you give the best care possible. It is highly relevant and meaningful to access necessary information required before you see a patient or update your clinical notes for better understanding.

GreenSense Billing offers Patient Engagement Tools which include:

  • Online bill payment options
  • Prescription refill services
  • Patient billing portals
  • Telemedicine software
  • Real-Time Patient reports
  • Patient Kiosk facility
  • EHR Integration
  • Medical consent forms
  • Effective appointment scheduling
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance

GreenSense Billing prides itself on providing broad-spectrum benefits for any health care organization to have greater authority over their clinical operations and maximize revenue generation. Our team of experienced medical billing and coding professionals maintain the highest standards of quality for all our clients. Patient engagement software usually includes all the self-service capabilities that enable providers to get the most of our automated systems. We personify the best medical billing and coding practices that are cost-effective and promise an increase in revenue.


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