Medical Billing in Internal Medicine

Medical Billing in Internal Medicine

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Medical Billing in Internal MedicineHow does medical billing for internal medicine differ from other types of medical billing specialties? To be able to respond, we must know the unique attributes of internal medicine. Does it take longer to diagnose a  medical condition or disease in patients or does it require better collaboration between  the doctor and the patient. Or are prescription drugs required to treat the patient? These questions should be asked from patients or while documenting appointment visits.

How Does Medical Billing work in Internal Medicine

Due to the complexity in documentation and procedures, internal medicine billing ends in the maximum claim reimbursements. Most claims related to internal medicine are rejected due to eligibility conditions such as lack of coverage or the termination of coverage, etc. The medical billing team can always verify the eligibility of the patient and process authorization. The ICD-9 and ICD-10 coders implement error-free codes to minimize claim denials. These are updated every time with coding updates and government standards or guidelines. Advanced medical billing software systems turn complex and extensive documentation into a quick and easy process by sending patient data, verifying coverage and handling claims.

Having Adequate Medical Billing Software to Handle Internal Medicine Billing

Intuitive software with robust optional features can make internal medicine medical billing easy. With reliability and simple dashboard functionality, medical billing for internal medicine can be mastered with coding and billing software. There are a lot of complex billing processes involved with internal medicine, hence becoming more important to handle and manage claims more effectively.

Introduction to Internal Medicine CPT Codes.

CPT code 90471 (Immunization code)

The medical code used to report vaccine products for example; immunization for single or combined vaccine products

CPT Code 90472 (Additional Immunization Code):

A vaccine product code which is used in conjunction with CPT Code 90471 to add an additional immunization report.

CPT codes such as 96360-96379, 96401-02, 96409-96425 and 96521-96523 should not be reported by doctors or practitioners in a facility setting.

In order to have maximum reimbursements, cost reduction and allowing doctors and physicians more time to concentrate on their basic practice, GreenSense billing’s intuitive medical billing software can get the job done, as it’s up-to-date with all the latest codes and guidelines.

GreenSense Billing offers internal medicine billing services which include:

  • Reduced billing costs
  • Round-the-Clock 24/7 Assistance
  • Effective Claim Management
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Updated ICD-10 coding
  • Integrated EMR system
  • Continuous review of financial reports and claims payments
  • Experienced medical billing and coding staff to implement error-free codes for various procedures

Issues with Internal Medicine Medical Billing

Internal medicine faces challenges in medical billing coverage in comparison with other medical specialties. Internees may need to do a series of tests to make the initial diagnosis. The tests are followed and reviewed by the specialist. Internal Medicine Medical Billing is difficult because consultations are not limited to distinct diseases, certain body systems or certain procedures/treatments. In addition, internees offer regular preventive and evaluation services to patients who do not have specific complaints.

As a doctor or institute of internal medicine, you may definitely need a billing service that understands the uniqueness of this medical specialty. GreenSense Billing provides timely, reliable and dedicated medical billing services, starting at 3%.

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