Taking Podiatry Medical Billing Services to the Next Level

Podiatry medical billing can be tailored for doctors and physicians, who are looking for affordable billing solutions for their medical billing services, such as coding, claim submissions and compliance. All are done through a single medical billing software platform. Despite the intense level of focus required to serve a variety of clients, our medical billing and coding specialists never compromise on quality standards.

Podiatry or podiatry medicine includes diagnosis, medical procedure and surgical treatment of diseases relating to the foot, ankle and lower leg extremities. Medical billing in podiatry can be complex because of the frequent use of appropriate modifiers to enhance collections, global periods, complex procedures and other medical challenges, which are related to Podiatry.

Handling Podiatry Medical Billing Efficiently

A professional and experienced medical billing company with a good track record of handling and managing podiatry medical billing can help doctors and healthcare professionals to efficiently streamline their podiatry billing tasks with ease. GreenSense Billing’s expert medical billing and coding team understands the complexity of rules and regulations with payers and can resolve podiatry claims, and help doctors with maximum reimbursements for their practice.

As medical billing for podiatry can be complicated, our billing specialists can carry out all necessary follow-up actions for its claim resolutions. As a top-tier medical billing company, GreenSense Billing offers:

  • Registration with demographic and insurance information of the patient into the system
  • Verification of insurance eligibility and authorizations
  • Comprehensive Medical Billing and Coding related to Podiatry Specialty
  • Medical billing and reconciliation of accounts including entry charge, registration, accounting, reconciliation
  • A/R management with receivables and insurance collections

Taking Care of Medical Coding for Podiatry

As your medical billing and coding experts, GreenSense Billings can take care of all your medical coding for podiatry. For example:

CPT Code 11721 is used for Covered Nail Debridement 6 or more and requires a Q8 modifier for routine checkups with systemic settings that are medically necessary for Medicare to reimburse, but that can only be done six times in a year.

Podiatry modifiers include T1 to T9 (toe modifiers) with the exception of CPT codes 97598, 11720 and 11721. In this case, the use of this modifier will result in claim rejection.

HCPCS codes J3301, J1100 which are related to the injection procedure, are often used in podiatry billing, which also generates considerable revenue for providers.

As a result, most doctors outsource their podiatry medical billing to a billing company, that can provide comprehensive medical billing management. Allowing a provider additional time so they can focus on medical care for their patients. It is not surprising that by outsourcing medical billing solutions to a reliable billing company, doctors can achieve a higher level of efficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to foot, ankle and lower leg. You can match and fulfill your podiatry billing and coding needs with GreenSense Billing.

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