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Things that can cause risk to your lien

Healthcare liens can quickly get complicated, and most lawyers can easily agree that dealing with them can be the worst part of the job. You cannot be taking a fee on the work while you are trying to resolve an outstanding lien. Your clients may not understand why some other entity is trying to reduce their recovery. However, it seems that lien rights are shrouded in a cloud of mystery that no one truly understands or knows about some things that can seriously cause risk to your lien.

Healthcare liens can always appear at the worst possible time, moments before you are ready to settle your medical insurance case.

Here are things that you need to know that can cause risk to your lien so that you can take care of them while dealing with them.

If it is Medical Lien, Personal Injury Settlement, And You Do Not Know The Complete Details Of Your Case.

We may usually think that Medical lien personal injury settlement cases are something we have to deal with after the case. Absolutely not!

Not knowing the complete details of your lien case intake of the medical lien personal injury settlement can cause risk to your lien. The best way to go about it is to manage your healthcare lien effectively. Begin when you sign up for the medical lien personal injury settlement case, you must be answering the healthcare coverage questions at the initial stage. Some of these pointers may include:

  • Knowing the details of your healthcare lien insurance and lien waivers
  • Knowing the source of your healthcare coverage, i.e., self-pay, employer-provided, or government-provided
  • What company do you work for, and does it provide medical insurance? How many people work there, and how many of them are medically insured by the company?
  • Are you a government employee or not?
  • Do you have online access to your health insurance account or not? If not, then should you be able to create an account for yourself?
  • Do you have a copy of your health insurance’s medical lien management plan description? Some employees are likely to hang onto the documents given to them by the human resources department when they start their job.
  • Do you have a copy of the front and back of the healthcare lien insurance card or not? You should send this information to all the hospitals and request that your medical bill is processed through the appropriate coverage.

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Failing to know this information from the beginning of your medical lien, personal injury settlement, or your healthcare lien on medical bills cannot provide you with valuable insight into the different kinds of reimbursement claims that may exist with your healthcare lien. This information is always important if you are trying to maximize your recovery from your company’s insurance company, and it can also help if you are trying to minimize the amount that you have to pay for your medical care.

Not having health insurance


In most cases, if you are not covered by health insurance, then you have to sought-post-accident treatment at a hospital, and then you are going to be dealing with a hospital lien. It will help if you receive notice of the hospital’s intent to file a lien.

Most hospitals hire companies like GreenSense Billing to handle their hospital liens or medical billing. Companies like GreenSense Billing have become extremely proficient in handling their medical billing and identifying which patients have sought treatment as a result of an accident.

Poor correspondence from the hospital

It is necessary to get other correspondence if the client has received it from the hospital. This information should include the name and the contact information for the third-party healthcare lien company if the notice of the lien filing hasn’t yet been received. You can always check the superior court lien index to verify if a healthcare lien has indeed been filed or not.

Not knowing lien rules

Any hospital must file a medical lien within 75 days after the patient has been discharged. A physician practice has about 90 days to file a medical lien from the patient’s first date of service with that particular practice. You must contact the medical lien filer immediately if you know that there has been a liability dispute or if you know that the average medical coverage is lower compared to your damages. You may also submit an emergency Medicaid application and process the medical lien bill accordingly.

In the end

It is always difficult to work with third-party medical lien companies as they may not negotiate with you until you are very close to settlement or if the case has already been resolved. In such circumstances, GreenSense Billing may provide you with the appropriate medical lien management and medical billing services the way you deserve them.

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