Common Features of a Practice Management System

Common Features of a Practice Management System

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A casual search on Google for a “practice management system” returns millions of results. A random click on a program catalog on a search result will take you to 350 + variations of practice management systems. Why so many of them? what are the features for practice management software? What are the basic features for optimal solution to meet a practices daily needs? Let’s look into it and examine the critical aspects of a practice management system.

User-friendly Integration

Rarely is a practice management program applied to a clinic or private practice where no integration is needed. Several third-party solutions will also be in use, in which the Practice Management System will integrate.

Practice Management System

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) serves as a good example. Also, the incorporation of an Electronic Medical Records system is perceived to be one of the most difficult aspects of the implementation of the medical Practice Management System. A decent Practice Management System should include an easy way to integrate with existing infrastructure, such as a Customer Relationship Management system, task management, or an accounting platform, etc.

Enhancing Workflows

For obvious purposes, medical professionals employ praxis management systems. One explanation for this is that workflows and procedures are streamlined and optimized. A feature-rich Practice Management System can automate several repetitive tasks and eliminate some of the stress from the staff.

Secure & Private

Current Practice Management Systems are simply cloud-based applications, stored outside of a practices premises. Having your files stored  in a cloud somewhere, is certainly a risk. You should always ask about the security policies a Practice Management System provider has in place to protect your patients personal information.

Practice Management System Enhancing Workflows

 A safe Practice Management program must meet the requirements of all legal standards, along with privacy and protection.

Insurance checkups

Practice Management Systems that automate repetitive and complex procedures such as  insurance authentication stand out from the crowd instantly. The automated insurance authentication process helps to receive claims at the point of service. Practice Management Systems with integrated insurance verification can turn time-consuming procedures into platforms delivering real-time revenue by verifying and making readily available:

  • Insurance verification before all appointments
  • Pre-authorization before each test or treatment
  • Monitoring of benefits available and expired.

Mobile Presence

Being able to monitor the performance of staff members.   Yet, allowing staff members the ability to conduct simple operations on their mobile devices is even more important. In professional medical circles, Practice Management Systems that run on iPhones and Android smartphones are gaining more and more attention. The minimum collection of roles for a mobile Practice Management System app would include scheduling appointments and reports.

Marketing Reach

Sophisticated networks have this right. They allow you  to monitor your Return on Investment per patient or scheduled appointment using marketing and management software built into a Practice Management System.

Practice Management System - Marketing Reach

A suitable Practice Management System with a marketing module will allow you to monitor your marketing campaign results and evaluate them:

  • Tracking cost per patient and conversion rates
  • Campaign management to increase the number of new patients

Integration of Call Center

Plenty of things are happening in medical practices over the phone: from initial contact with a patient to arranging appointments to receiving fees, etc.

A Practice Management System combined with a smart call center increases the number of patients and creates reliable revenue.  Some of the immediate advantages of a Practice Management System that  is combined with a VoIP call center are:

  • High call-to-appointment conversion rate
  • Call recording for evaluation of staff performance
  • Call details recorded directly into the patients account
  • Patient automated reminders
  • Fewer no-shows and fuller schedules

Numerous smart contact centers enable patients, providers, and employees to connect through telephone, email, and text messaging. The range of means of contact makes medical practice more versatile in terms of reaching out to patients and responding to their needs.


The trait of an effective Practice Management System is the working dashboards with detailed reports. Being able to assess the fiscal health and efficiency of your practice is crucial to understanding where financially the practice stands.

Embrace a Practice Management System

GreenSense Billing has extensive experience in building multifunctional Practice Management Systems for various medical practices. A Practice Management System is an absolute must for every professional medical practice today. A successful Practice Management System keeps medical offices operating smoothly and promotes everything from arranging appointments to maximizing sale cycles, producing monthly reports, and seamless integration of Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Record systems.

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