Comprehensive Family Medicine Billing Services

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Comprehensive-Family-Medicine-Billing-ServicesFamily medicine, as the name suggests, is a specialty related to generalizing comprehensive health care for people of all ages. Family medicine primarily focuses on the prevention of diseases and giving the best health care possible within the family and as a whole. A general family physician examines the patient’s overall health needs in one or more areas of medicine. This specialty is not limited to any organ, gender, or diagnosis. Family medicine focuses on the needs of a patient in the healthcare system. In most cases, a physician is the primary point of contact. Medical billing for family medicine is dynamic and growing continuously.


Medical Billing for Family Medicine

Billing for family medicine is different because a doctor regularly treats patients of all ages with different medical conditions, and different patients from the same family can be billed to the same healthcare provider. Family medicine billing services can simplify billing despite an increase in the number of patients.

As with other medical specialties, medical billing for family medicine is based on accurate and timely documentation and coordination with insurers. If you choose to outsource your medical billing to GreenSense Billing, you can be sure of proper HIPAA compliance, as we as proper compliance with federal policies and regulations, timely collections, billing management, and an all-around simplified billing tracking process, that maximizes your revenue while saving your time.

Medical Billing Software for Family Medicine

Medical Billing software for family medicine can help you plan and document your entire billing process. Depending upon the software’s integration with billing tasks, all billing related activities can be easily carried out, without the need to entrust various billing tasks to individual employees and keeping your overhead costs at a minimum. GreenSense Billing’s family medicine billing software is very flexible and can be shaped to fit your billing needs. You can have access to your medical data anytime you want, round-the-clock accessibility 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However the medical billing software is just a tool, Our medical billing and coding specialists will give you the tools you need to allow you to use the software to its full capacity.

Personal Health Records for Family Medicine

A personal health record (PHR) is an internet-based tool that allows the user to input information about his or her lifelong medical history. Personal health records are maintained by users, and they have control over who can access their records. Specific tools available through PHRs can include functions to input daily measurements (e.g., blood pressure, body weight, blood glucose), access provider-endorsed websites, or communicate directly with health care providers by electronic means or fill patient forms online. Another possibility within the scope of PHR technology is integration with provider-maintained electronic health records (EHRs), allowing patient’s access to their full medical records. Patients can book appointments online as well.

PHR is a step in the right direction and a positive outlook on the future of medical technology. PHR use is the idea of portability and patient engagement. Patients want to be more active and involved in their health care. Patients also want to access physicians in new and novel ways which are convenient for them.

Also, Medicare is encouraging providers to switch to EHR and therefore, enforcing MIPS and MACRA penalties to provider’s reimbursements for not communicating or engaging their patients through PHR. Hence, the adoption of PHR is inevitable. GreenSense Billing EHR is fully integrated with PHR for all your Family Medicine medical billing needs.

Inadequate or incomplete documentation and follow-up errors in medical billing can mean a loss of thousands of dollars a year. By outsourcing your medical billing with GreenSense Billing, you can receive timely payments, increased revenue for your practice and billing transparency, thus making all your billing needs much easier. Start your family medicine billing services today with GreenSense Billing.

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