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Is It Worth Hiring Medical Billing & Coding Companies?

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Merits Of Medical Billing Services In Current Times

Decades back, professionals working in the healthcare industry used to hire paid staff to handle their billings and coding. Such manual practices proved to be effective back in the old days mainly because medical practice used to be both straightforward and simple but not anymore. In recent times all has changed. The healthcare industry and the medical billing services in the United States have evolved and as such, so have the systems for billing management.

Unfortunately with the pandemic striking our lives, emerging pandemic cases amongst the society in these current times have not only affected the masses but also the businesses operating worldwide. Similarly, doing business for healthcare providers has become a lot more difficult as nearly all medical facilities have witnessed increased costs, low reimbursement rates and diminished profitability which ultimately affected the feasibility of every other clinical practice in the worst possible way possible.

Dealing with medical bills has turned out to be troublesome for every medical professional out there. The stern rules, the everlasting submission of forms, and above all, timeliness can easily put every clinician’s sanity to test. With less availability of time to work with their respective patients; many professionals working in the healthcare industry have now shifted towards medical coding companies. They mainly did so to get free from all the hassles involving billing procedures. Doctors working in Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, New York, and beyond have spoken their minds on this new innovative medical claims software.

Majority of them believe that outsourcing a medical billing company has proved to become effective for their clinical practice. Especially those clinicians who had less patient flow and consulted less patients comparatively agree that availing medical billing services have given a boost to their patient flow. Not only this but such newer programs have also upgraded and elevated the caliber of their clinical practice. This means that this innovation in the field of medical sciences has paid off for many practitioners along with their respective clinical practices.


Thanks to modern technology, medical billing software such as GreenSense has managed to break such walls of inconvenience. The new and improved automated billing mechanisms have made the workflow of clinical practices faster, efficient, and more cost-beneficial. We at GreenSense work with the same game plan; handle all the administrative hassles which gives more time to the healthcare professional to focus on the patients, thereby, raising the overall revenue of that medical facility.

Automated Medical Billing

Automated medical billing is a process through which claim acceptance, charge input, and billing settlements are done via digital means. This action takes place under natural languages using timers depending on the fact that how frequent the healthcare institution is filing claims. In general, it is an artificial intelligence bot that is performing all the required daily tasks related to billing and coding but in a much faster and efficient manner with fewer chances of errors being encountered. By this means, a clinician can easily increase the revenue of their practice and go forward towards the path of overall profitability.


If healthcare institutions fail to operate with the most up-to-date and advanced medical billing software, unfortunately the final results are going to be nothing but disappointing. That particular clinical practice would have to face a long list of obstacles such as medical billing issues, claim denials, longer claim processes, inadequate codes, and non-payments which ultimately leads to a heavy decline in the overall profit. Such factors should be kept in mind and eliminated for a successful billing management plan as these pointers affect the revenue cycle management of any medical business.

Instead of flourishing the business plan of a healthcare institution, these factors can drown any clinical practice into the deepest of oceans. To get rid of these elements one should consider doing business with a reliable medical company such as GreenSense. Our team of skillful medical billing and coding experts aims at performing at the highest peak to maintain the level of the revenue cycle that each medical practice desires. That is one of the sole reasons why GreenSense Billing is ranked amongst the top medical billing companies in the United States.

Significance of Medical Billing Automation?

There is no doubt that the profession of healthcare is full of billing codes and laws that are way too complex, along with the long list of rules that are being changed on a regular basis. Long story short, it’s a painful and troublesome task to keep track of all the changes that are taking place and also how the overall evolvement of the industry is affecting your clinical practice.


Our new and improved EHR system along with the medical billing software removes any chances of human error occurring. That means there will be no more unwanted errors in the entire process of claim submission. The type of software that is to be used for billing management must be enabled to detect any sort of errors that might occur during such processes.

With GreenSense billing’s up-to-date coding program, billing errors can be easily detected even before filing claims. This not only reduces the chances of billing denials but also enables the user to deal with the issues as soon as they come to light. Above all, this medical billing software also guarantees and assures the healthcare practitioner gets paid on time as planned by his/her schedule.

Merits of Hiring a Medical Billing Outsourcing Company

Many healthcare professionals face a lot of challenges when it comes to billing management. On the other hand, all that work is also mandatory to generate the required revenue to provide top-quality healthcare which the patients desire. Outsourced billing services have tons of advantages with saving both money and time being the most valuable ones. Bombarding the clinical staff for billing management can create a big obstacle in the way of maintaining a steady flow of patients in the clinic. Hiring a medical billing company with a team of medical billing and coding experts having years of experience under its name has turned out to be beneficial for every clinical practice for various reasons.


Experience & Proficiency:

If you want your medical facility to be at its most productive and most efficient, you surely need medical billing automation as it acts as a critical operator of your revenue cycle on which the survival of your medical facility depends. Medical billing automation successfully lands your healthcare institution to new heights by making your practice more innovative and advanced. That is exactly what we at GreenSense billing aim at doing; to put your medical facility on the map.

The main and utmost advantage of availing medical billing solutions is that it focuses on giving the patient an unforgettable experience in terms of both convenience and proficiency. With Patient engagement solutions such as E-prescription of medicines, patient kiosks, online booking of appointments along with patient registration being just a few clicks away; patient experience has just reached a whole new level. Above all, the innovative method has successfully eradicated any chance of human errors that could occur in the process. This will ultimately drive more patient flow towards the clinician’s practice.

Up to Date Software/Services:

To keep up with the competition, healthcare professionals have to make sure that the services they are providing the patients should make them stand out amongst their competitors. Usage of medical billing software is one such step that will make the practice more innovative and advanced. By using such modern software, a clinic can easily live up to the latest standards. Not only does it make the practice and its billing setup error-free but also drive more patients; which eventually results in more inflow of cash.

Additional Time for Patients:

Doctors nowadays are outsourcing medical billing services to various other firms. Hence, healthcare professionals now have more time to focus on the patients they are dealing with. Due to this, practitioners have successfully got the most out of their healthcare institutions; which resulted in both increase in patients and money inflow.

By outsourcing medical billing and coding services to companies like GreenSense billing, the workload can be minimized, leaving you free from all the troublesome documents and the hassles within. Handling the administrative side will give doctors and health care practitioners more time to deal with the patient and focus on patient care rather than hurdles revolving around billing management.

Shrinking Cost Prices:

Whenever the topic of price comparison between outsourcing to top medical billing companies or hiring a personalized staff to perform the same task comes into discussion; outsourcing medical billing comes out to be more cost-effective. There are plenty of reasons which make medical billing software the ultimate winner; firstly, the clinician won’t need extra office space to accommodate the additional staff.

Secondly, there won’t be any need of upgrading any software or equipment as the billing company would be responsible for all that. Along with that, the practitioner will be tension-free from the hassle of handling bills and files.

Practice Profitability:

Since doctors won’t have to worry about releasing extra salaries for the newly hired medical billers, outsourcing medical billing is a more cost beneficial option. The doctor only has to invest a small portion of its clinic’s revenue in order to get the best possible medical billing solutions out there. Sounds profitable right?

The majority of the medical billing companies in the United States only limit their performance to the bare minimum when it comes to managing their business. Doing business with GreenSense Billing ensures that you are not dealing with just another billing company but a lot more.

Research shows that claim payout amounts issued by the insurance companies are usually very low since most claims are often rejected due to documentary issues. However, we at GreenSense billing have a claim acceptance rate of almost 99.9%. Believe us when we say it took immense hard work, skill, and a collective effort put in by the team at GreenSense to build this reputation. To become a part of your team is the eventual aim of GreenSense Billing. We assist you to free your clinical staff from time-consuming billing hassles and increase your overall clinical revenue. That is what makes us the best Medical billing company in the US.

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