New E&M billing code in 2024

This New E&M Code will Increase Payments in 2024

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In 2024, Medicare is introducing a big change with G2211. It is an HCPCS add-on code that will become payable starting Jan 1, 2024.

This new billing code is part of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. It’s a response to long-standing issues in healthcare payments. 

For years, doctors have felt that Medicare didn’t quite match the effort they put into patient care. G2211 aims to fix this. It’s designed for patients with chronic or serious conditions that require more time and care from doctors. 

The implementation of this code recognizes the extra work in treating chronic health issues. It is a step towards fairer compensation for healthcare providers. 

This change in medical billing reflects Medicare’s commitment to quality patient care, especially for those with ongoing health needs. 

It’s a positive move for both healthcare providers and patients, ensuring better care and quality support.

Understanding G2211, The New Billing Code

G2211 emerges in response to evolving healthcare needs, addressing gaps in Medicare’s system for chronic and complex patient care, and enhancing provider support.

G2211 is an addition to the E&M service codes and is designed for doctors managing long-term health issues. Moreover, this outpatient evaluation and management code 2024 is mainly for outpatient and office visits. It offers better payment models for ongoing, longitudinal patient care. 

G2211 recognizes the hard work in treating chronic conditions and is a response to the need for fair pay in healthcare. For years, doctors have managed complex cases without extra compensation. G2211 changes this, supporting doctors who provide continuous care. 

It’s a significant step for healthcare, focusing on patient well-being over time. This code ensures doctors are rewarded for their dedication to long-term patient relationships. 

It’s a positive change, reflecting Medicare’s commitment to quality, comprehensive care.

Additional Payments in Medical Billing with G2211 Code

HCPCS add-on code G2211 will be payable from January 1, 2024. 

This introduction comes at a time when the overall Medicare payment rates are experiencing a decrease. 

The 2024 Physician Fee Schedule conversion factor is set at $32.74, a 3.4% decrease from 2023. However, this E&M code G2211 offers a silver lining, especially for practices with a significant number of Medicare patients. It is estimated to result in a payment of around $16.05 for each billing, cushioning the impact of the reduced conversion factor. 

This new code provides a financial boost for healthcare providers, particularly in primary care. By compensating for complex patient management, G2211 helps overcome the effects of lowered Medicare rates. 

It’s a strategic move to balance the financial scales in healthcare, ensuring providers are adequately rewarded for their comprehensive efforts towards patient care.

Impact on Healthcare Providers

For doctors and clinics, medical billing code G2211 offers a way to make up for lower Medicare payments. 

By using G2211 when needed, providers can maintain or even boost their earnings from Medicare. Also, this code encourages them to give thorough, ongoing care to patients, fitting in with newer healthcare approaches.

This shift is a welcome change for many in the healthcare field. It incentivizes providers to enhance their focus on chronic and long-term care management. The code not only aligns with current healthcare trends but also paves the way for a more sustainable and patient-centric approach to medical practice. 

G2211 also matches well with today’s healthcare trends and is an important step in recognizing and supporting the crucial role of healthcare providers.

Benefits for Patients

Patients benefit from G2211 through improved chronic and complex condition management. The code promotes continuous, quality care, ensuring better adherence to treatment plans.

 Preparing for Medical Billing Code G2211

Healthcare practices need to adjust their strategies to make the most of G2211. 

This involves training clinical staff on the appropriate documentation and billing for this code. Practices should also refine their EHR Systems and processes to accommodate G2211.

Furthermore, your staff must understand when and how to apply this code to ensure smooth billing for G2211 in daily operations. 

Broader Implications

E&M code G2211 reflects a growing emphasis on holistic and preventive healthcare. It’s a key piece in a puzzle that’s shaping a more effective healthcare system.

This approach not only values the quality of care but also the overall patient experience. By fitting in with programs like CCM and MSSP, G2211 helps in building a healthcare environment where patient needs, and provider efforts are in better harmony. 

This shift is crucial for a future where healthcare is more about wellness and less about just treating illness.


The implementation of new medical billing code 2024, G2211 marks a significant step in acknowledging the complexities of modern healthcare. 

It offers a financial incentive for providers to focus on long-term patient relationships and chronic care management, ultimately benefiting both healthcare providers and patients. 

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, G2211 could be a harbinger of more changes geared towards enhancing the quality and sustainability of patient care.

5 Key Points to Remember

  1. G2211 Compensates for Complex Care: Recognizes the effort in managing chronic conditions and enhancing provider payments.
  2. Applicable to Outpatient and Office Visits: G2211 applies to regular doctor visits, offering additional payment for long-term care.
  3. Aligns with Value-Based Care Models: Encourages a focus on comprehensive, ongoing patient care.
  4. Boosts Earnings for Healthcare Providers: Helps offset potential revenue loss from lowered Medicare rates.
  5. Part of a Larger Healthcare Trend: Reflects a shift towards recognizing and rewarding complex patient care.


What is G2211?

G2211 is an add-on code for patient visits.

Who benefits from G2211?

Healthcare providers managing chronic or serious conditions.

How does G2211 affect Medicare payments?

It offers additional payments, offsetting lower Medicare rates.

Is G2211 aligned with current healthcare trends?

Yes, it supports comprehensive, long-term patient care models.

Can G2211 increase healthcare provider earnings?

Yes, it can boost earnings by compensating for complex care management.

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